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I'm curious what's rumored for the third parties at E3, both in titles brought/shown and where they might end up. 

What's rumored for the non PS/NS/XB publishers?

The Democratic Nintendo that a paradox? I'm fond of one of the more conservative companies in the industry, but I vote Liberally and view myself that way 90% of the time?

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On a serious note.  I don't know about rumors, but I'm sure Resident Evil 2, Mega Man 11, Last of Us 2, Spider-Man, and Soul Calibur VI will be there, so I'm set.  Personally, I'm not much a fan of shooters, so I wont be playing any battle royale games.  I haven't liked any of them that I've tried, and I have never liked Call of Duty.

Devil May Cry 5 is pretty definite, Rocksteady's game is rumored, so is Bethesda's new RPG Starfield

Nothing to see here, move along

I'm kinda afraid it'll be a shitshow with a few decent sequels here and there.

Seeing some Starfield would be nice, and RDR2 gameplay as well. I certainly don't want another cryptic cinematic from Kojima which tells me nothing about what the hell his next game actually is going to be like to play.

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