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Favorite story line in GoT?

Daenerys Targaryan 5 20.00%
Sansa Stark 0 0.00%
Bran Stark 3 12.00%
Stannis Baratheon/Davos Seaworth 0 0.00%
King's Landing (Cersei, Jaime, Tyrion) 6 24.00%
Arya Stark 6 24.00%
Jon Snow 5 20.00%

I'm currently reading the books and watching the show simultaniously (book 4 and season 4) and just think the story is one of the most beautiful I've ever read. I like how all the characters are separated and their story lines are slowly coming together. But of course each story is different. Which one is your favorite? 

Mine is definitely Arya Stark. However is started out a bit boring and slow, but when she joins Jaqen H'ghar it suddenly becomes so mysterious and dark. She's then tested to the limit. 

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Dany. She's got dragons! Also I like the desert settings that she's in. And her story included Jason Momoa who is awesome.

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The one where that one guy got killed.

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It was Tyrions until the "where do whores go" nonsense. Dannys got pretty stale after reaching the city too but I suspect it'll get better now that she's left. John's probably is the one that keeps going strong even though he's been lying dead for 7 years now, hope his revival in the books makes a bit more sense than in the show and the damn candles are the cell phones I think they'll be so the scattered crew of hero's can get somewhat back on track as quickly as in the show or perhaps more quickly, after the insanely long and somewhat pointless journeys he has some of them on characters like Tyrion on, he could have easily put Danny on the move and had Tyrion meet half way and progressed that aspect of the story around the point Tyrion is taken slave. 

Anyway, rant regardless I'd say Johns but that's judging by the show and a a look into the future from where the books are but Martin might not follow that fan theory, paint by numbers narrative.

I think I like the political intrigue of King's Landing the best overall even though I'm rooting for the Starks to prevail in the end.

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In the books: Tyrion's storyline. Epecially the slavery arc that the tv series skipped.

TV series: John's. He gets to interact with a lot of different characters. Although one in particular that I enjoyed from the books (Stannis) is sadly dead in the tv series.

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vivster said:
The one where that one guy got killed.

So all of them?

HintHRO said:
vivster said:
The one where that one guy got killed.

So all of them?

No, the other one.

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Jon and Daenery's storylines are the ones that interest me the most, but it think Game of Thrones has done a really good job at keeping all of them interesting. Except Arya's storyline in Braavos that went on for way to long.

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The last 3 seasons of the show really let me down, ever since the series split from the books its gotten pretty bad. But i cant really really blame them for splitting since GRRM would rather write side stories than finish the main serirs.

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