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Forums - Politics Discussion - Elon Musk to take on the media? Can "Pravda" work?


Can Pravda work?

Yes. 7 26.92%
No. 14 53.85%
Maybe, I haven't thought much about into it. 5 19.23%
Other/comments/middle America... 0 0%
John2290 said: 

I;m not gay but I'd suck Musks dick if he asked. 

Is that really necessary?

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go for Elon. I shall root for ya

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It's literally the stupidest idea I've ever heard. You can't trust the general public to honestly and objectively review the authenticity of an article much less an entire publication. Even if he places stringent standards of who can contribute to the site, it will be so filled with Elon Musk worshiping Libertarians that it will be an effectively worthless measure of objectivity and more of a measure of how pro-Libertarian or pro-Musk something is.

The real problem with the media (all media, independent media included) is the profit model. These are businesses, and they make money through advertising. To make money through advertising you need views. To get views you need to pander, bait, and sensationalize. Elon Musk cannot fix that with a Yelp for journalism.

If you want objective journalism read the Associated Press, that is literally their entire shtick. It's dry, boring, but informative.

Musk is an idealist. Many of his ideas are good, but not many (if any) can be completely fulfilled, at least not in his lifetime - and subsequently not in ours.

John2290 said:
Ah, I can;t find the article and everything else seems to be bashing it HARSHLY. If someone could help be out here it would be appreciated. Videos will do at this point, seems the media is going balls deep on fucking musk at the moment.

Maybe google is against me and hiding articles I was looking at earlier but all I can find now is Stan lee's support..that isn't full on bastardization.

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good for him, so tired of the lies and spinning of facts. Trump Derangement Syndrome is getting tiresome

Sounds like a great way to make bank, surprised nobody has done it before really.

Sounds like a good idea. The media is biased and lacks diversity of opinion. Accountability for lying would go a long way in restoring their objectivity and credibility. They don't realize that they're fast becoming obsolete thanks to the net/apps and spreading fake news.

John2290 said:
Aeolus451 said:

Cheers man, added to the OP. The bloomberg article will not work for me because of add ons but the Daily wire article is spot on, however I suspect people will find much fault with it. Regardless, thanks man. My google seems to be algorithmically effecting me in this instance.

The daily wire is Ben Shapiro's website. Regular media won't objectively report on this fairly since they're more interested in preserving the status quo which is them spreading fud.

Apparently Musk has been made aware of Politifact.
He has even donated to them.