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Forums - Movies Discussion - Favourite movie genres?

So what movie genres are your favourites?

Action: Orobably my favourite, I love fight scenes especially melee ones. From America with The Matrix to Europe with 007 to Asia with The Raid, there are entertaining action movies everywhere.

Horror: I can enjoy a fun horror movie even ones that are considered bad. While I do like classics such as Nosferatu and Frankenstein, my favourites are the slashers like Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street and even Wrong Turn.

Crime: Crime movies have existed in many forms. There were the 1930s gangster movies Scarface and The Public Enemy. Then in the 1940s th famous crime drama subgenre of film noir with Double Indemnity and The Big Sleep. The 1990s had The Goodfellas and Pulp Fiction. And I have never watched The Godfather yet.

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I'd say Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Comedy and Cyberpunk (The Matrix). Also I love Japanese animation as well as CGI (Pixar).

But I don't mind other genres like dramas or even documentaries and while I have been less into horror than I was back in my teen years, I still don't mind the occasional gore/horror movie.

I prefer action and fantasy/sci-fi, but i can watch anything.

edit: I don't really watch that many movies anymore though, i tend to gravitate towards TV-shows

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Sci-fi,thriler,horror,fantasy.. i love almost everything except musicals.

Since I'm biaised toward Japanese 2D animation ( or influenced by like Castlevania or The Last Airbender), I don't get to watch many movies during a year, though I still have prefered genres.

Horror, Sci-Fi, Comedy (An actual good one) and Action (But it needs a driving factor than just being a pure dumb action movie, otherwise it's just boring Ex : Transformers).

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Sci Fi, Fantasy, some action (though this is very hit or miss for me), same with horror. I like horror that sort of pushes the envolope and doesn't resort to slasher tropes or the more modern cliches of paranormal stuff, or at least if they do, I'd prefer they put their own twist on the formula.

I like a good comedy as well, but not too keen on the rom-coms, especially lately as there seems to be an influx of them. Also like me a good interesting documentary about a great number of subjects.


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Anything with a good story/characters I guess.


I just love zombie movies

Animation for me (Mostly Disney and japanese animation though, I don't bother with the rest). I also really enjoy adventure movies like Harry Potter, Back to the Future, etc, which by the way I haven't seen any good ones coming out lately, any suggestions are welcome :P

I like them all except horror. It is hard to pick a favorite when they all have deep flaws.

I suppose I like action the best, but its such a large genre.