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It's amazing the times we live in! When in-game graphics [character models] can nearly match pre-rendered characters. With Detroit: Become Human, the best game models are produced. Seriously! I've been caught off guard many times while playing. Sometimes, the model just looks so real you have to stop and look twice! Particularly on the Pro. Not quite the best looking game (although it is close), but there are no better looking characters in any game out there, as far as I'm concerned.

Anyway, have at it! Post your screens of Detroit **NOTE** - Only 4 Images Per Post And I will Allow Up To Two Consecutive Posts. I'll have plenty, so I don't mind feedback. As always, keep it constructive and relevant. That means don't turn this into what you don't like about the game. We have other topics for that. This is specifically for the game's graphics and the screenshots presented!


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great idea and screenshots, the game looks really fantastic - so impressive! And the details, beautiful <3

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I really like the character models... like the graphics are one area where you just cant fault this game.

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Just watched Digital Foundry's video for this. Holy shit. I must admit, this is really great.

Staring down Chloe the menu bot is all the graphical food I need in this game. Everything the game does very well is displayed right there,only on OG but I think the insane use of focal blur ruins the game graphically in other areas,it's like forcing our eye to be on one thing while playing but games don't work like movies. Them micro expressions thpugh, damn I wish all RPG's would start implementing that level of fine facial movement,it'd make those dialogue screens much more connected and less like a pause screen or feel like the character You're talking to didn't just glitch into a coma.


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I think we have a new contender for the graphics king on consoles.

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