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Forums - General Discussion - Ronaldo is on another level to Messi


Who's the greater player?

Messi 17 60.71%
Ronaldo 11 39.29%

The first player to 3 peat in the modern champions league era... He has completely dominated the past 4 season in terms of individual trophies, CL trophies and individual stats. He wasnt great today, but his leadership made a difference and he leads the CL again in goals by a wide margin. He'll probably win Player of the year again this coming year. He's absolutely dominated Messi the past 5 years and I dont think it's even close anymore, all time. Who do you think is the greater, career to career, if compared right now?

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@kirby007 For what exactly? Preferring Ronaldo is an offense now?

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Edit: Only if that other level is LOWER...

hmm... Messi ahead in all the good stats, Ronaldo ahead in all the bad ones...

Edit 2: Something about creating a winning team...

Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts Qualification or relegation
1 Barcelona (C) 38 28 9 1 99 29 +70 93 Qualification for the Champions League group stage
2 Atlético Madrid 38 23 10 5 58 22 +36 79
3 Real Madrid 38 22 10 6 94 44 +50 76

Yep... Messi's the man


Also, doing this through edits because I don't want this thread on my buddy anymore.

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Ka-pi96 said:
Reported for trolling.

So expressing an opinion that ronaldo is better than Messi is trolling now? Are you seriously such a blind fan of Messi? It's fine to disagree, but to call it trolling is ridiculous.

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No player in my lifetime has ever come close to Messi on an individual level in terms of what they can do on the pitch.
And I doubt I'll ever see anyone like that again.
Team based achievements are measured by a different metric. No matter how much you contributed to their achievement.
If Mascherano had scored in the WC 2014 final instead of missing the post by an inch, and that was the only goal in the match, I wouldn't use that as a criteria to say that Messi is better than X player.

I wouldn't disagree that Ronaldo's award cabinet has the edge on Messi's though.

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Lol he ain't even close.

And Neymar will be the only one to take the WC, so heh, petty fight.

In the field i prefer Messi but in real life and as a person Ronaldo 1000000 times better then Messi especially how he behave and how he helped a lot of poor kid.

Did he play the final? Lmao