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Forums - Gaming Discussion - E3: Name One Game You Want To Be Announced At E3 More Than Anything Else.

I dunno... I lowered my expectations way too low for this E3, so maybe Splinter Cell or Fallout 5.

I would definitely go crazy for a new Saints Row.

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Yeah! It's that time of the year again :D

As per the title of the thread, I'm not including games that have already been announced such as The Last of Us 2, Resident Evil 2 Remake and Age of Empires 4 even though they're very much games I'd like to see at E3 as well. New exciting IPs are also good though.


Ape Escape 4
Command & Conquer 5
Crash Team Racing Remake/2
Dino Crisis 3
Half-Life 3
Jak & Daxter 4
Legend of Dragoon Remake/2
Need for Speed: Underground 3
Onimusha 4
Perfect Dark 2
Pokémon Gen 1/2 Remake (fully 3D)
Shinobi 4
Star Wars: Jedi Knight 3
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3
Syphon Filter 4
TimeSplitters 3
Unreal Tournament (a complete game for consoles)

legend of dragoon

I would love to see Homeworld 3

Honestly, i would say Panzer Dragoon Saga remake first.

Grandia 4 second.

Xenogears remake third.

All very unlikely.

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Halo 6. It better be announced instead of Gears of War 5. More than 3 years is way to fucking long to wait for another Halo title.

Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks 2!

Final Fantasy Tactics 2... (Not adavanced), the next of The lion war....

In Sony We Trust!


Playstation all stars 2