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Forums - Gaming Discussion - E3: Name One Game You Want To Be Announced At E3 More Than Anything Else.

Out of all the games you think could be at E3 this year, which one do you personally want to see be announced this year over all other games? 

New dino crisis? 

Resident evil 2 Remake trailer? 

Devil May cry V?

Halo 6?

New Burnout?

New Ridge Racer?

Think real hard for the ONE game you hope is at E3! 

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Okami 2

Golden Sun 4

Probably a mainline Pokemon game from the Switch. I don't think it'll happen though as they usually do Pokemon announcements elsewhere.

Well for me personally, the announcements I always enjoy the most are the ones that come completely out of left field. I mean sure, it's always cool to get sequels to IP you love, but unless it's something that's been dormant for a while, you pretty much know that's gonna happen sooner or later. E3, for me, is about shock and awe. Show me something I haven't seen yet.

That said, if we're talking existing IP, what I want to see most is Cyberpunk 2077. I know that's technically been announced already, but that was ages ago, and we've not actually seen or heard anything tangible from the game, so a proper E3 unveil at this point would basically be a real (re-)introduction.

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from the rumored games, i would say resident evil 2 remake is my most wanted

Animal Crossing!!!

Pocky Lover Boy! 

It's not gonna happen but here it goes.....

Streets of Rage 4...

Probably a third DKC game from Retro.

Rhythm Heaven