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Forums - General Discussion - Top 5 countdown threads in May

There's been no shortage of countdown threads these last couple of weeks on VGC, so, this was always gonna happen, wasn't it? It's time to decide once and for all which thread was the best. They were:

TOP 10 GAMES OF ALL TIME (Your Definitive List)
Top 3 Games in Devil May Cry series
Top 3 Games in Assassin's Creed series
Your Top 5 RPGs for SNES
Top 3 Games in Batman Arkham series
Top 3 Games in Need For Speed series
Top 3 Games in Gran Turismo series
Top 3 Games in Call of Duty series
Top 3 Games in Dark Souls series
Your top 10 favorite ever movies?
Top 3 Games in GTA series
Who are your top 3 favorite Kingdom Hearts characters?

...yeah, there's quite a few.

Rank them however you wish. Whether it's because you liked the subject, or how the discussion (if any) went along, or if you thought the thread's very existence was funny. Or if you like GOWTLOZ, of course - though if you do, I guess it's a hard time trying to list just 5 of his threads!

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My favorite was the top 10 movies of all time. Most of the other "top" threads were too specific, and the "top 10 games" thread was cool, but felt a little redundant since we did a top 50 just a few months earlier.

Also it was very noble of you to not include this thread in the list, but maybe this thread is too meta.

The_Liquid_Laser said:
Also it was very noble of you to not include this thread in the list, but maybe this thread is too meta.

Noble? Call it an oversight. Including it would have been far more meta!

By the way, I think my list would be
5. Top 10 games ever (it kinda sucked, but that made it somewhat fun)
4. Top 5 SNES RPGs (as specific as these can get, but, it was cool regardless)
3. Top 10 movies (it's mine!)
2. Top 3 Dark Souls games (there being 3 Dark Souls games made this an instant meme)
1. This one (it's so meta, no one could even handle coming here)

Hey I didn’t reply in the Best of CoD thread, and I have actually played enough to reply there!

Anyway uhh I guess:
3 - Top 10 favorite games (I mean he could’ve just looked up the Top 50 threads instead, but still, can’t ignore a chance to praise some games)
2 - Top 10 movies (they’re not games)
1 - This one!

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I should do a top 10 LoD thread.