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Forums - Sony Discussion - With Dreams. LBP should make the Jump to 3D like super mario worlds.

there is no need for an another platformer making tool. LBP4 should move onto the 3d space and be like super mario worlds where its basically a 3d platformer.


I see no reason for an another classic LBP game. 

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I actually think this is a good idea.
it would have a surprise factor,.. and if done well could wow people.
plus I think Mario needs some form of competition in that arena.

So LBP should ditch its entire premise of creation? The core factor of it's appeal?

It anything, with Dreams, LBP would be better remaining 2D. Maybe give it Crash Bandicoot style 3D.

Ok, what's with everyone wanting to change a good 2D platformer to a 3D space ?

It doesn't automatically mean that it'll be better for doing so since core gameplay elements will need to be changed according to the new perspective which could result in a horrible transition.

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With Dreams you can make 2D and 3D Little Big Planet levels to your hearts content. I think Media Molecule should make some example 2D and 3D LBP levels in Dreams to show off the depth of the engine. It would be a great way to move the LBP playerbase onto Dreams.

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