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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Favourite From Software Souls-like?


Favourite From Software Souls-like?

Demon's Souls 141 11.16%
Dark Souls/Remastered 121 9.58%
Dark Souls II/Scholar of the First Sin 37 2.93%
Dark Souls III 81 6.41%
Bloodborne 493 39.03%
None - I don't like any of them 138 10.93%
None - I haven't played any of them 213 16.86%
I can't decide between them! 39 3.09%

With Dark Souls: Remastered releasing in a few days' time, this week's front page poll is dedicated to From Software's Souls series and its spiritual successor, Bloodborne.


Comment on your picks below. Or just bitch about the question and options like usual...

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King's Field, if we're including pre-Demon's Souls From Software games. Specifically King's Field II, which was released here as just King's Field since we never got the original.

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John2290 said:
Nioh but bloodborne will do from the list.

That's not by From Software.

Demon's Souls, experiencing the overwhelming atmosphere of a souls games for the first time was one of my all time favorite gaming moments.
Bloodborne is a close second, although the game was very tough on me as I'm a shild user.

Ask me again in a year

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Demon's Souls.
Nioh is a close second, even as it's not from FS.
Bloodborne could also have been a masterpiece as those, but it just failed short of it.

Dark Souls , it had the least amount of bullshit.

Other then Ornstein and Smaug

Only played the Dark Souls series so far. Fell in love with DS1, liked but was ultimately disappointed by DS2 and loved DS3 again. I'll play Bloodborne later this year.

Bloodborne, I find the atmosphere and pacing of combat much more enthralling.

It is a shame that so many souls fans might not have played it because it is exclusive.

I have yet to play Dark Souls III so maybe my opinion will change.

Bloodborne is life.

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