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Forums - Gaming Discussion - DF Retro: Revisiting E3 2004 - PSP vs DS


Which handheld did you buy in 2005 (or end 2004)?

both Nintendo DS and PSP in their first year 1 5.26%
DS in 2004/2005, never bought a PSP 4 21.05%
DS in 2004/2005, PSP after 2005 1 5.26%
PSP in 2004/2005, never bought a DS 3 15.79%
PSP in 2004/2005, DS after 2005 1 5.26%
both DS and PSP after 2005 1 5.26%
DS after 2005, never bought a PSP 7 36.84%
PSP after 2005, never bought a DS 0 0%
never bought a DS or PSP 1 5.26%

Awesome video commenting both E3 2004 handheld presentations:

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Two very good handhelds which both defined mobile gaming of today in their own way, from smartphones to Switch.

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Can't watch the Video right now, but I just want to say that the PSP was a friggin' beast at its time! I would have never thought that something like GTA 3 was possible on a mobile Device in 2005. And that was only the beginning. When homebrew Hit the PSP, my mind was blown away. That little sucker could emulate a PS1 perfectly fine and also play GBA games without Problems. Back then the GBA wasn't too old. I also could use a plethora of apps. When the iPhone was introduced in 2007, I wasn't too excited. My PSP was already able to do anything the original iPhone had to offer.

With the PSP Go, Sony perfected the Hardware. It's small as fuck but has so much to offer. Easily my favourite handheld of alltime.

Will watch the Video when I get home!

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This video really puts arguments over graphics into perspective. Everyone was sure that Sony was about to push Nintendo out of the handheld market. Yet the 3DS is still around after all this time, and Vita died back in 2013.

PSP had a lot of things wrong with it. UMD drive took too much power. Mandatory and proprietary memory sticks. Single analog nub, akin to those awful mousenub things you used to see in the middle of old laptops. I bet it could have done 120 million if it had regular memory built in, a real analog stick, and carts instead of discs.

Both DS and PSP ended up with a great library of J-RPGs, way better than the PS3's.

I had a Gameboy Color and GBA (SP) before, but I bought them years after launch when they had a good library. "Gaming on the go" wasn't that important to me.

The PSP was the first mobile device which hyped me so much that I had to have it at launch. And I got it even way before the European launch date by importing it from Canada (for a very good price).

There were a lot of awesome games in its first year that I loved: Ridge Racer, Wipeout, Lumines, Twisted Metal, Tiger Woods and Hot Shots right from the start (yeah, I was into golf games that time) and Burnout Legends, SOKOM and GTA: Liberty City Stories later that year.

There weren't many DS titles in 2005 I was interested in and I had some issues with the first hardware model, so I waited for the DS Lite which fixed most of these issues.

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2 of the best handheld devices ever made, that's for sure. Love the library on both, especially as a JRPG fan. The hardware couldn't have been on further opposite spectrum, but both contributed greatly to modern gaming and modern hardware in general. Great video. Saw it earlier this morning.

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Going to watch the video now but first want to comment that as a staunch Nintendo fan and vocal PlayStation dissenter, I felt that the psp go was a more enjoyable system. Obviously ds had its strengths in terms of price, game cards, bigger library, and Mario Zelda. But the ds was not a sexy device and it’s capabilities were n64-ish. PSP go had open worlds with ps2-ish graphics. Battery was big and storage was adequate for a good six games installed. As a GTA fan, psp go was easily more rewarding to keep in my pocket. It was a lot less dorky to pull out and show off for sure.

I never owned a regular psp. It was cool though.

This really was the golden age for mobile game consoles. The DS and the PSP were both incredible devices with stellar lineups, and they reached masive numbers even with rampant piracy on their systems.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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The kick off of the most exciting time in the mobile industry. So many great times with the PSP over the years. I had so many friends and family with PSP, it was the height of gaming, so easy to find someone to play with head to head at home or out and about.

It is a shame Sony and Nintendo failed to evolve with the market. The state of the mobile industry right now is the worst I have experienced. Hopefully 5G will spark another revolution, with companies trying new Mobile Platforms and Form Factors.

I would love to get back to playing real games on the go, and having a decent amount of people to play head to head with. Ultimately, I would love 5G and a Shared library between dedicated home and dedicated mobile devices so I can play my friends while I am on business, and they are at home with their console.

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KBG29 said:
Ultimately, I would love 5G and a Shared library between dedicated home and dedicated mobile devices so I can play my friends while I am on business, and they are at home with their console.