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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Leak: Black Ops 4 Free Multiplayer DLC/ Zombies Season Pass

"Since the reveal of Call of Duty Black Ops 4 on Thursday, there has been one thing on everyone’s mind, what about DLCs?

Over the recent years, the reveal of the game has also come with the reveal of a season pass. Alongside that players have also usually been given the ability to buy the season pass then and there. This has not been the case with Black Ops 4, so far no season pass has been announced and the specialist edition of the game has been revealed without it.

Gaming INTEL has received exclusive information from multiple sources that explains this unexpected lack of a season pass.

Our exclusive sources claim that there will be a radical shift in how content is provided for both the Multiplayer and Zombies modes in Black Ops 4, moving from an overall season pass model where four multiplayer maps and one zombies map are released every couple of months to something completely different.

Treyarch is, according to our sources, pushing Activision to allow them to release a Zombies DLC Season Pass, which would act similar to a normal Season Pass but would instead only contain maps for the Zombies mode. Whether this means there will be more Zombies maps per DLC release, or if this will be sold for the same price as the standard Season Pass we do not know.

As for multiplayer, our sources claim that this is where we will see the most radical shift in the delivery of content. As opposed to players getting the usual four maps every couple of months they will receive a map, or in some cases two maps, every month.

This change in direction is supposedly being sought by Treyarch due to the steady fall off in players that Call of Duty titles sees after the release of a map pack. While the player base sees a slight increase directly after the release of a new map pack, that drops back down again relatively quickly. To avoid this in the future a single or two monthly maps may be vastly superior.

The other reason for this change may also lie with the new Blackout mode. Call of Duty titles often sees fractures in the player base after a DLC launch, as people who buy the season pass are separated from those who did not. Blackout will only make this division in the player base wider, so keeping the core multiplayer audience in a single matchmaking pool will be essential for Treyarch moving forward.

This shift in the release of DLC was also hinted at by Dan Bunting, the co-studio head of Treyarch, in an interview with Polygon.

“I can’t tell you at this point in time what that’s going to look like,” Bunting said. “But I can tell you that we are pushing hard to release content to our fans in a way that’s going to make them happy and a way that we believe is the right thing to do in this stage in our game’s lifespan.”

While all leaks should be taken with a pinch of salt this information has been verified by multiple sources, though Treyarch’s DLC release plans could change in the future."

Given that the game is still going to cost 60 dollars then i would say that it would be disappointing otherwise. Gaming really needs to get rid of paying for maps, especially when so many PC games do it for free. 


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Good. I was already hyped and this is great news.