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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which Game Category is Best? A, AA, AAA? Japanese? Western?


Which is most important to you?

Western A 0 0%
Western AA 4 14.81%
Western AAA 8 29.63%
Japanese A 0 0%
Japanese AA 7 25.93%
Japanese AAA 7 25.93%
Something else! 1 3.70%

Wright, Shad, and I were chatting just now about gaming categories. If you had to divide games based on a set of criteria -- without getting too deep in the weeds -- what would it be? We decided on the not-perfect-but-good-enough buckets:

  • Western A (Super Meat Boy, Undertale)
  • Western AA (Darksiders, The Surge)
  • Western AAA (Grand Theft Auto, The Elder Scrolls)
  • Japanese A (Downwell, Cave Story)
  • Japanese AA (Persona, Bayonetta)
  • Japanese AAA (Final Fantasy, Resident Evil)
This is all based on budget/sales expectations. We intentionally removed "independent" from the buckets. Of course, the lines between these categories are sometimes permeable, so feel free to disagree with the examples.


So, the question: if forced to choose only three of these six buckets, which would you choose? And in what order?


Sound off!

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Pre-2008 Japanese AAA
Post-2008 Western AAA

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Western. Japanese gaming is mostly anime which I could never get into and turn based.

#1-Japanese AA (For the likes of Pokemon, 2D Mario)
#2-Japanese AAA (For the likes of Odyssey, Botw, Xenoblade)
#3-Western AA (For the likes of Crash, Sims)

So, I went over the games I've played since around April 2015, and I found that the majority of great games came from Japanese AA and Western A. Then there was a tie at third between Japanese AAA and Western AAA. Assuming The Legend of Zelda now lives in AAA world, I think I need to give the third spot to Japan.

1) Japanese AA (Can't live without Ys, Shin Megami, and a whole bunch of Nintendo titles)
2) Western A (I love me some DrinkBox, Thunder Lotus, GalaxyTrail, etc.)
3) Japanese AAA (With RE on the rebound and Nintendo willing to open the purse strings, I see a bright future here)

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Western AAA, Specifically RPG's.

Fallout, Dragon Age, The Witcher and Mass Effect are 4 of my favourite games this generation.

But I enjoy games of all these categories, having a fun time with Persona 5 and I just picked up horizon chase turbo which would be Western A.

For me it's 

1.AA Japanese (By far the most I play these days lol, love me some ATLUS and Falcom games)

2. A Western (so many creative games that I just find so much enjoyment in like Severed and Thomas Was Alone)

3. AAA Japanese (Lot of great games like Final Fantasy  and Zelda with a lot of effort and manpower behind them that really shows at times)


First is obviously japanese AA, with Atlus-RPGs (SMT, Persona, Etrian Odyssey), Hyrule Warriors, the 3DS Monster Hunter games, Kid Icarus Uprising, Pokemon, Dragon Quest Builders, Arms, Okami, Splatoon, Souls games, Xenoblade Chronicles (except you see that already as AAA) and so on.

Second is harder. I would probably go with western AA, like Darksiders, Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Pillars of
Eternity, Darkest Dungeon, Shadow tactics, Divinity and so on.

This brings japanese AAA to the third place with Zelda, Metroid, Resident Evil.

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Indie games are the best imo because they're the only thing left with any originality.

Wstern AA and AAA, because I'm able to find a variety of games within both those markets that appeal to my tastes.