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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Horizon Zero Dawn 2 at E3?

maybe i'm reading to much into it, but we have e3 around the corner, so it must be something big, or they are talking about a big dlc or already about a tease for a sequel...??


We have some exciting news very soon for fans of #HorizonZeroDawn!

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I HIGHLY doubt it, it's barely been a year since HZD came out. Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is easily going to be a 2021/2022 release - probably gonna be a PS5 launch window title.

Whatever it is, hope it's something exciting alright.


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"We have some exciting news very soon for fans of #HorizonZeroDawn"

No way!.... they cant have a HZD2 ready by now.... so it must be DLC right?
Either that or they are showing some trailers for a HZD2 thats years away.

HZD2 doesnt release until 2021 imo.

No way HZD2 will be announced so early. This is 2020-game or even 2021. Sony make no more thing like this.
I also don't believe in new dlc.
Maybe some crossover? Soulcalibur? Or this " Sony all stars " thing I sometimes read about.

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Short Teaser for HZD2? New DLC? Or Aloy guest in other game? Im ready for any new information.

Nope, not a chance

Edit: looks at what Cook&Beckeris and it will be obvious what they are teasing

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Too early for HZD2.

My guess is it´ll be a PS5 game and will be one of the first major exclusives for the new system.

New dlc expansion at best. Hzd2 announcement should be 1 or 2 e3's away.

that would be cool, not really excited with sony e3 so far. if e3 line up rumor serves true.

btw this e3 seems to be the least exciting so far this year leading up to it. looking forward to a surprise for sure, a good surprise not one that just gives me stink face.