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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Black Ops 4 Is Setting A Dangerous Precedent

So they cut out the single player campaign for a cash grab Battle Royale mode that will be riddled with microtransactions Im sure. If BO4 sells well, it sends a message to the industry. A bad one. 


How do you think this will play out? Sound off.

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It sends a message everyone already knew, the Call of Duty campaign was the least played and least important mode.

A campaign mode was cut but each of the 9 specialist will have mini campaigns with missions that tie into the black ops universe. I expect these mini campaigns to end up being around as long as most CoD campaigns and the BR mode sounds epic so im cool with the way the game is being put together.

Barkley said:
It sends a message everyone already knew, the Call of Duty campaign was the least played and least important mode.

This. Aside from a few decent campaigns such as COD 4, MW2 and IW , the campaigns have been mostly lacklustre. There are plenty of decent FPS campaigns to choose over COD such as Wolfenstein, Bioshock, Dishonored etc. The COD campaigns don't come near the quality of them and i'd wager <  1% of COD community are bothered if there's a campaign or not. Personally, if there was a campaign i'd play it through once, but i'm certainly not going to mourn the loss. After BO3 campaign , i'd have little faith in a Treyarch campaign anyway.

It could also set a good precedent. If sales are way down on the last COD then the lack of a singleplayer campaign will obviously be to blame.

Of course Activision/EA etc will just cover their ears and pretend that never happened so it won't change anything anyway... but still.

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Will be fun to see how this plays out. I know I won't be giving them my money this year. If it works out for them though, more power to them. There are plenty of other choices in the FPS genre.

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I wonder why charge full price then? Hell why even make it yearly? Just have COD online and update it every couple of months

I'll buy it if it comes to Switch. The new zombie maps look interesting.

It will still sell loads of copies, it's CoD.

As a single player person, I obviously dislike what they have done this year, but I haven't bought a CoD since MW3, so in the end it doesn't matter to me.

About setting a precedent - Titanfall set such a precedent, and did it catch on? No.

Black Ops III had no campaign on the 360/PS3 versions. And Overwatch has already delivered MP only with microtransactions and been hugely successful, yet we still see SP games.

What precedent is being set here?