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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What are your most wanted announcements at the Nintendo E3 Direct and Treehouse?

My other E3 Most Anticipated Announcement threads

Square Enix

Welcome to the final part my of my series of most wanted E3 announcement threads.

I am trying to keep my expectations for Nintendo's E3 somewhat low since they said this E3 is mainly focused on 2018 releases.

1. Pokemon Switch. Status- Likely. Officially, Nintendo says Pokemon Switch will release in 2018 or later, which basically means they are aiming for 2018 but it might be delayed till early 2019. Given it is probably the biggest game they have releasing between now and next E3, it would make sense to show it this E3. Recent leaks suggest an announce before E3 however, but even if it is announced before E3 I'm sure it will at least get some gameplay on the Treehouse. I am hoping that the game is ambitious with new features like voice acting for main characters (rival, professor, gym leaders, Elite Four, villain team leader), a bigger more open world, visible Pokemon on the overworld replacing random encounters, and graphics that are closer to Pokken than Sun and Moon, but I have a feeling it is going to basically feel like Gen 7 in HD, due to the rumors that Nintendo only gave Gamefreak 1.5-2 years to make this game and Gamefreak's lack of HD development experience. 

2. Fire Emblem Switch. Status- Very likely. Officially, Nintendo still says Fire Emblem is releasing in 2018, so we should see an announce at E3. I am hoping it is a new game rather than a remake, with a sizeable leap in graphical and animation quality in the 3D battle scenes, as well as the tactical map making the switch from 2D sprites to higher quality 2.5D graphics.

3. Tokyo Mirage Session # FE port on Switch. Status- Possible. While I've heard no rumors that this is planned, I think it would make sense to port it to Switch. 

4. Fatal Frame 5 port or Fatal Frame 6. Status- Possible. While I've heard no rumors that a Fatal Frame 5 port or Fatal Frame 6 are in the works, I feel like it would make sense to do one or the other. Fatal Frame 5 sales were supposedly on par with most of the other games in the series, so I see no reason why the series wouldn't continue. As of September, 4 years will have passed since Fatal Frame 5 released in Japan, plenty of time to develop a sequel. 

5. New mature IP from Retro Studios. Status- Unlikely. Given the recent rumors that the mature new IP Retro had been working on since 2014 has had a rocky development, and the rumors that they are working on that Star Fox Racing game, I'm not expecting to see this at E3 if at all. 

6. Replacement for Virtual Console announced. Status- Possible. Some recent rumors and leaks indicate that Nintendo will announce replacement for Vritual Console at E3, with releases of older games at more reasonable prices the the prices for Virtual Console games were.

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Wonderful 101

I would love to hear something about Mario Party for Switch, because my son keeps asking me about just that. =P

Probably not gonna happen though.

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A release date for Smash Bros this year, a 2019 Pokemon announcement (it is too close to the last main installment, dammit!), WiiU Ports of SMTxFE and Xenoblade X...

Honestly, leaving the heavy hitters aside, I'm just hoping for a ton of ports to come, both 1st and 3rd party.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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A third Donkey Kong Country from Retro and a new Punch-Out!! from Next Level Games.

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1.) More Wii U Ports:

Bring them on! Super Mario 3D World, Xenoblade Chronicles X, I just want more of them. It makes too much sense to port every 1st party Nintendo title to Switch seeing that nobody really owned a Wii U. Put these games in lighter months where not much is going on. In particular, I would like Xenoblade Chronicles X to get a port announcement at E3.

2.) Reveal of Pokemon Switch:

I also want a Pokemon Switch update as well, if we don't get it real soon here.

3.) Reveal of Mario Party Switch:

I am quite a huge fan of Mario Party, had a ton of fun playing it with siblings and cousins and still do today. It would just be great if we got a true return to form with separate players and turns, creative and returning items that you can buy, star collecting, and themed boards from Mario Odyssey, Luigi's Mansion, and so on. Mario Party could become one hell of an online experience as well. Seeing that NES games are getting online co op play with voice chat, I think it would be a missed opportunity not to do the same for Mario Party Switch. Bring in those Zany minigames, and Charm the Mario Party series is known for.

4.) Mario RPG Reveal:

I don't know which one it will be, Paper Mario or Mario & Luigi but I want a Mario RPG to show up in some form and be revealed. Even if it's just a few shots of Gameplay. The Mario RPGs are something special, and I hope they are able to make them more unique this time around.

5.) Luigi's Mansion Reveal:

What is Next Level's new project? It has to be Luigi's Mansion. It has been some time since Dark Moon was released, I hope Luigi's Mansion 3 is announced.

I'd also like to see what's going on with Metroid Prime 4, Dragon Quest XI Switch, Virtual Console/Online Service, and there has to be 1 wild card...Starfox Grand Prix.



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In 2014 I got an Amiibo Villager as consolation christmas present as there was no Animal Crossing coming that year, but the following year there sure had to come a Animal Crossing U.
I did not!
...and not the next year either.
I am not expecting there will be a AC-game this year either but I hope there will be at least some news and videos and maybe a release window.

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What i WANT is an action-adventure game from Retro, preferably a new IP but it's OK if it is an old one. I would love some 3DS-to-Switch ports, mostly Kid Icarus(which i found unplayable on 3DS) and Luigi's Mansion 2(throw LM1 in there too). I also WANT some hints of what to come in 2019 including a Metroid Prime 4 trailer.

Sora in smash switch
Extended trailer of the new Pokemon games(reveal will be next week)
Atleast 4 new reveals(Animal crossing, retro game, etc)

There's only really 1 announcement that I want from them: An achievement system!

I guess VC with old Pokemon games (including the Stadium ones!!!) would be nice too though.

Everything else I want the Switch either already has (3D Mario + Kart) or will inevitably have sooner or later (Pokemon) and I'm perfectly happy to wait years if need be for those.