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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Could Octopath Traveller be the big breakthrough that Acquire needs?

Acquire's early claim to fame came in the form of the original Tenchu which helped to pioneer the Stealth genre. Went on to sell over a million copies. In 2000, they followed up with what I consider to be the best game they have ever made , Tenchu 2. I love that game so much that I actually prefer it to the original Metal Gear Solid.

Then have done nothing spectacular since.

Could that now change? Octopath Traveller has all the ingredients of a game that is just going to be a huge success. We have seen one game change a developers reputation; From Software went from Ninja Blade guys to a strong relationship with multiple big name publishers all thanks to the Souls series.

Do you guys think that Octopath Traveller will have impact Acquire overall reputation? Will they be the next rags to riches developer?