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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Top 3 Games in Gran Turismo series

Gran Turismo has 9 games and 6 of them have numerical titles so pick your top 3 of the series. Your top 3 can be based on anything that you like about the games that some GT games have done better than others. Select your picks and tell us why they are your favourites.

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My picks:
1. Gran Turismo 6
2. GT Sport
3. Gran Turismo 4

Hard to say since they were basically all great on their time. I remember being in love by GT when it first came, then racing forever on GT4 and GT5. Also enjoying a lot of the races on GTS and seeing my driving ability rise with it.

Just for you guys have an idea, my PS1 died when I was doing the last 2 challenges of GT2, my PS2 met it's grave playing GT4 and GT6 was one of the last games I played extensively on PS3.

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