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Not a lot of horror movies really scare me, anymore, but I remember coming home with the Unrated Dead Silence DVD from Blockbuster back when those were still around and watching it late at night alone with no lights on. Not gonna lie, that was one of, if not THE worst decision I've ever made in my life, that movie legit freaked me out, and I don't get scared easily this day and age. It legitimately gave me sleep troubles for a couple nights afterward. 

Other than that, The Conjuring II was pretty unsettling as well. A lot of people sitting near me in the theater were jumping out of their seats. Also, Poltergeist scared the living shit out of me when I was a kid, because I was one of the many poor young souls duped into thinking it was appropriate for kids due to the film's infamous PG rating. Anyone with half a brain knows it should've and would've been rated R today for this scene alone. 

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Alien : the 8th Passenger

Either The Shutter (2004) Thai version or The Woman in Black.


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Not a big fan of horror, but If I can choose one that scared the shit out of me when I was a kid, it would be Alien.

It the 1990 version with the kids.
Was 11 years and it almost scarred me for life... couldnt go near drains for months after. :)

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Oh that is without a doubt and hands down "The Evil Dead" and I'm talking about the 1981 version, the original, the masterpiece that has in my opinion no equals when it comes to true gruesome horror.

While I can enjoy the sense of humor and comic situations of all the Evil Dead sequels, I'll NEVER EVER understand for the life of me why ANYONE could ever think that adding funny stuff in horror movies is a good idea?

Laughter and the emotions that it brings about are by essence the opposite of horror so by adding it to a horror movie you literally dilute the horror effect that was originally intended and that is why no sequel to this masterpiece could ever come close to the original.

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Event Horizon. Watched it alone, lights out, at 1am. Freaked me out.

drbunnig said:
Event Horizon. Watched it alone, lights out, at 1am. Freaked me out.

Great movie, one of my favorites. What you need to do is play Dead Space (The first game, the second one is good too, forget the third, it's crap) right after watching Event Horizon at night and you'll have a great evening of quality horror.


I don't think anything beats watching the the original versions of the Exorcist, Stigmata or Omen as a pre pubescent, catholic child. As an adult it depends on the mood I'm in, for some reason but horror and scares come in a more existential form. The way Matthew whats his face on True detective described eternal recurrence still scares the fuck out of me. As for movies just for scares or gore Hostel maybe because it so very easily could and probably does happen. Nothing beats RE7 in VR though, that's a medium that can bring fear out close to real life. In fact I've been in situations in real life where the adrenaline over rid the fear as that doesn't happen in VR there's something about it that causes a deeper longer lasting slow climb of anxiety and fear because of the controlled nature of the experience.