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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Are the Joy-Con the reason the Switch is getting so many fighting games?

You may have noticed that a lot of Fighting games are coming to the Switch. The Neo Geo Arcade Archives, as well as the Street Fighter collection from Capcom, and SNK Heroines, Indie titles like Pocket Rumble and Fantasy Strike. To even Nintendo's own ARMS and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Arc System Works even announced that they'll release more fighting games for the Switch in the future on top of BlazBlue CrossTag. This is the most a Nintendo console has gotten from the genre since at least the Game Boy Advance. But I feel the biggest reason for the surge of Switch fighters has to do with the console's hardware, specifically, the Joy-Con. Yeah, they may not look like, or be the best fighting game controllers. But their shareable nature, limited travel distance of the sticks, and the mobile nature of the Switch itself lends well to the genre's arcade roots since it's like taking an actual arcade cabinet anywhere you go.

Of course, Fighting game pros will always want to opt for a fight stick or at least a D-Pad since those will always be the best options for actual competition. But for just semi-serious competition or quick casual fun with friends, they're perfectly fine. I actually think the Switch is the first console that can give the genre mainstream popularity again since as I mentioned earlier, it's the modern equivalent of an arcade cabinet due to the system's portability and versatility of the Joy-Con, allowing the experience to be more social and intuitive, just like the arcades.

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I love me a good fighting games and the Switch is becoming the go to system to get that fix. Don't forget to mention Pokken tournament and Ultra Street fighter 2.

Not specifically the Joy-Con, but the rest of your answer. Switch replicates an arcade environment.

Hmm I don't think the JoyCons are the sole reason for the many fighting games, but rather the entire nature of the Switch. Firstly, it comes with two controllers right out the gates, as you've already mentioned. But secondly, there is a strong arcady vibe going on in the entire Switch library, which fits these games very well. Also, there is that Dragonball Xenoverse fighting game.

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I think the Switch is just at the right place technology wise that it can handle most if not all fighting games

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I'd like to think that the joycons do help, and I'll admit I've been tempted to buy more fighting games on the Switch for the simple reason that you're always guaranteed two controllers so you can play with a friend, or in my case, either my girlfriend, my dad, or one of my brothers, Ultra Street Fighter II has been played quite a bit, lol