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Forums - Sony Discussion - Upgrading to PS4 Pro

I'm thinking about replacing my PS4 slim for a PS4 Pro. But is it worth it? I don't own a 4k TV, but I would like better framerates, for Monster Hunter World especially. Are framerates usually better with games or not? And do graphics improve at all if you're stuck on 1080P?

I assume all savegames, settings, etc. are tied to your PSN account so you don't have to do anything manually in that regard?

Many thanks!

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I upgraded to a Pro and I'm only a 1080p screen user, and it was a great decision! Monster Hunter World especially benefits from higher framerate and resolution too... there's a Digital Foundry video of it if you want to check it out.

When I got my PS4 Pro (near launch), I was playing on a 1080p TV. I have since upgraded to 4k. IMO, you'd be better off to put that money towards a 4K TV. It makes more of a difference than the Pro. Of course, if all you really want is frame rate, you can disregard this. But, if you want the biggest overall improvement, the 4K TV will do more than the Pro.

God of war was a different beast on the pro in performance mode. Such a huge difference. Games like assassins creed unity ran butter smooth. I'd highly recommend it.

Man if it had an UHD blu ray player built in it would have been day one purchase for me. I'm sure I will buy one down the line anyway once the price drops and I'll install an SSHD into it to improve load times.

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The story I always tell:
Had a PS4 in early 2014 with a 1080p TV.
I wanted a PSVR on day one.
Loved the PSVR so I pre-ordered a PS4 Pro to make the VR even better.
Since I was getting a Pro I grabbed a 4K TV.

I still hop between both consoles and you can see the improvement but if you have one, you have the experience. Even at 4K, the jump to 1080p might be a let down. If you're OCD like me, go for it.

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Personally since you don't own a 4k tv I would say, save for a 4k tv and upgrade to the PS5, I am sure the PS5 will have the pro benefits on back compat and maybe even improve on the improvements. The vanilla PS4 is still a beast.

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I don't have PS+ anymore. There may be a limit to the cloud storage and how much content you can save. There was a limit back when I had it.

I remember backing up my saves and transferring them to my new PS4. I actually replaced the HDDs in both from 500GB and 1TB to 1TB and 2TB, respectively. It wasn't hard and I even managed to get PT on both consoles!

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