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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sony should make the Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Playing gow I get the feeling Sony santa Monica would do an insane job turning the Lord of the rings trilogy into a game spread over 3 parts of course. Some aspects of the game remind me of the LOTR. To avoid spoilers I can't go into too much details. But I will say some of the environments, the combat and especially the music they created demonstrate they'd be up for the task. 


Now a title like this would normally only get a multiplatform release but Sony are defying all the odds this generation scooping up exclusives such as spiderman. 


What do you guys think? Sony santa Monica making the fellowship of the ring as a ps5 exclusive? 

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Yes. And it can be their answer to The Legend of Zelda. Makes perfect sense actually.

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Is this assuming they get the rights to Middle Earth from Warner Brothers?

My answer would be either use Santa Monica to continue God of War series that has just been reinvigorated or try a new IP. Making a major investment in a licensed product has lots of drawbacks compared to owning it.

Doesn't Sony own Spiderman? Defying all odds.

As long as Warner Bros exist as a 3rd party developer I don't see them allowing anybody else to develop a LOTR game, so I can't see that happening.

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Who would you play as? Choice between Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli, since they see the most combat in the trilogy?

It was tried once before during the Xbox/PS2/DC/Gamecube era and turned out meh. I really don't think a video game will ever do those books/movies justice.

Would rather an original/untold story set within Middle earth as opposed to rehashing the films which everyone has seen.

No we already have lord of the ring games. But somebody should get their asses and work on a Mistborn game asap!

OTBWY said:
Doesn't Sony own Spiderman? Defying all odds.

Sony own the movie rights, NOT the video game rights. Not sure how they had that oversight with their deal back in the early 2000s