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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - What are your most wanted announcements at the Microsoft E3 press conference?

My other E3 Most Anticipated Announcement threads

Square Enix

Welcome to part 2 of a planned series of these most wanted E3 announcement threads. I'm planning to do one a day, in chronological order of the press conferences (EA > MS > Bethesda > Square > Ubisoft > Sony > Nintendo). 

Personally, I'm trying to keep my expectations for MS low this year. They're in a transitional period right now. Recently, according to leaks, Microsoft's gaming division got access to a much bigger budget, after MS reorganized and Phil Spencer got promoted and took over the gaming division from Terry Myerson. However, those same sources say that we won't really see the affects of this bigger budget until next gen. So at this point I'm not expecting much from MS, they're most likely saving up the big guns for next generation. 


1. Forza Horizon 4 Japan. Status: Possible. At this point, Forza Horizon 4 has all but been confirmed by MS, it has been in multiple leaks, and Microsoft's 2 year release schedule for Horizon games suggests 4 will release this year. Early leaks pointed to a Japan or Asia setting, but more recently there have been some leaks pointing to a UK setting. Hopefully it's Asia/Japan. 

2. Perfect Dark rebooted as a story driven action-adventure franchise. Status: Possible. Recent leaks have pointed to a new Perfect Dark game being in development, a collaboration between The Coalition and some other studio. In the past, MS execs have suggested that a Perfect Dark reboot was frequently discussed at MS, and that it probably wouldn't be a pure shooter since MS already has the shooter market covered with Halo and Gears, rather that it would probably be a story driven game if they rebooted it. However, it is unknown how far along the game is in development, so it's up in the air rather we will at least get a teaser trailer this year.

3. Japanese 3rd party port announcements. Status- Likely. Recently, Phil Spencer stated that the plan was for there to be some Japanese games on stage at E3 this year. There have been leaks pointing to late Persona 5 and Nier Automata ports specifically. An Xbox port of Final Fantasy 7 Remake was also in the recent Walmart Canada leak, which was seemingly confirmed to be real by Bethesda. Hopefully there is a planed KH 1.5+2.5+2.8 Collection incoming as well, before KH3 releases later this year. 

4. A Conker sequel or reboot. Status- Unlikely. I'd love to see a new Conker, but there haven't been any recent leaks pointing to one, and MS seems more focused on other dormant Rare franchises, such as Banjo and Perfect Dark. 

5. Fable Reboot teaser trailer. Status- Possible. It's no secret at this point that Playground Games' 2nd team is making a Fable reboot. However, the game is still in early development, unlikely to release until next gen. Will MS  let us know officially that it's in development with a teaser trailer? Possibly, but not likely imo.

6. A MS IP kart game by Electric Square. Status- Possible. It's no secret at this point that Electric Square is making a game for MS, based on major IP. Some job listings and leaks indicate it is a Kart game, with a possible release Spring 2019. If that is true, this is the last E3 before it's release, making an E3 announce likely. However, they may instead choose to release it in place of Forza Motorsport 8 in Fall 2019, giving Turn 10 an extra year to get Motorsport 8 ready for a Holiday 2020 next gen release, which would make an announce at E3 2019 more likely. 

7. Halo Spinoff. Status: Likely. There have been multiple signs and leaks pointing to a Halo spinoff this year. Most suggest it is multiplayer focused, and may possibly have a Battle Royale mode. I personally hope the leaks are wrong and that we're getting a new singleplayer spinoff, something like ODST, but that's unlikely since MS can make more money on a multiplayer focused spinoff thanks to lootbox microtransactions. 

7.Some big 3rd party marketing deals. Status: Highly likely. There have been leaks suggesting that MS has marketing for several big games including Anthem, Borderlands 3, Cyberpunk 2077, The Division 2, Splinter Cell, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Call of Duty Black Ops 4. They might not have all of them, but they will almost certainly have some of them.

8. A teaser for Dark Tide. Status: Possible. Awhile back an author teased that his horror short story, Dark Tide, was going to be turned into a video game by Microsoft. It was later found that the Coalition and another studio were working together on a game that might be based on Dark Tide. How far along it is in development is unknown, we might get a teaser at least, or we might not get anything. 

9. Age of Empires 1, 2, and 3 Definitive Editions and Age of Empires 4 getting released on Xbox. Status- Unlikely. So far none of these games have been announced for Xbox, just PC. Considering the Age of Empires has a more mouse and keyboard friendly UI than a controller friendly UI, it's possible that MS will skip them entirely on Xbox. Or they might allow them on Xbox with just mouse and keyboard support. Or they might have teams design a separate controller friendly UI for them.

10. Gears of War spinoff. Status- Highly likely. Multiple reliable leakers have suggested that Gears of War will be at E3 this year. The game is expected to be a spinoff, developed by Splash Damage with some assistance by The Coalition. 

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Lost Odyssey 2!

Probably unlikely, but I'd love a Killer Instinct sequel.

MTZehvor said:
Probably unlikely, but I'd love a Killer Instinct sequel.

Most likely being saved for next-gen at this point. 

Ka-pi96 said:
Lost Odyssey 2!

Would be great, but it would have more impact if they waited and released it early next gen. 

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I want to see what direction they're going to take with Halo 6, but nothing else interests me.

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A sequel to Conker would be awesome.

Alan Wake 2. I would buy an Xbox One for this game alone.

I have a Youtube channel... A Twitter, and... Yeah.

that hololens tech was cool, whatever happened to it?

also a kart game made by rare wouldnt be too bad.