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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Book of the Dead - Unity Demo (Releasing On PC Soon)

Although I heard about this, I really had no idea what they were able to pull off. This is the same Team behind the 'ADAM' Demo that I showcased here. Well, Book of the Dead helps fulfill the promise I've made to you guys that you just have no idea how much better graphics are about to get in the next 3-5 years. Artists, Modelers, Creative Directors, etc, etc... have been hard at work on showcasing what is next. 

What we have here is a real-time, interactive demo on the way, showcasing some of the most realistic looking forest visuals ever produced. It'll be released to the public sometime soon and I will have a full breakdown of that. In the mean time, here's a vid of it:


Looks like a next generation The Vanishing of Ethan Carter!


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Honestly, the next step in graphical evolution is severely overlooked. Quixel MegaScans may seem like a term for underground artists, but really, many games and movies use it today. But, they are stepping their game(s) up, which is how something like Book of the Dead can exist in real-time.

Here's a good look at it: