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Forums - Sony Discussion - Top 3 Games in God of War series

I'm doing some discussions on top 3 games in different series. First up is God of War. Which games are your top 3 in the series? There are 7 God of War games. GOW 1, 2, Chains of Olympus, 3, Ghost of Sparta, Ascension, 4 so pick your games and why you decided upon them.

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1. GOW 2018
2. GOW2
3. GOW

God of War 2018
God of War 3
God of War original

I wasn't actually a big fan of God of War 2.

God of War 2018
God Of War 3
God of War ghost of sparta

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God of War 4
It's the longest God of War and the one that grants you the most freedom. I appreciate the RPG elements. Kratos is less powerful and has a smaller arsenal, but the combat system is the deepest yet. This game also has by far the best story and chatacter development of the series. I would go as far to say this gsme has raised the standard. Solid gameplay, rewarding and deep combat, freedom and a great story can all go hand in hand. 10/10

God of War 3
If you would have asked what's the most epic God of War this one would take the cake. One setpiece after the other. Though it also has the weakest story and Kratos has practically transformed from a villain/anti hero with a few solid points into a major douchebag. Which doesn't care that he practically made a living hell of Greece for everyone. But damn slaying all those gods and titans was fucking awesome. 9/10

God of War
I liked the first one, sure the camera is annoying, it wasn't a visual masterpiece like Gow 4 and Gow 3. But I still wholeheartedly remember this game. It is probably the game that set the standard for Western hack and slash adventures. It had some epic bosses (the Hydra) a somewhat simple but solid story and the game was brutal. Unfortunately it didn't age all that well just like GOW 2. Nonetheless it still gets a 8.7/10 from me.

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God of war

God of war 2018

God of war: Ghost of Sparta

i pick the 1st over the new simply because i didn't find it as challenging / rewarding. sure there's realm tears and valkeryies, but in comparison, even on hard, i didn't have as many epic battles or puzzles that frustrated me but felt good when i figured it out. and i over all prefer the old combat over the new, even though i acknowledge it's good as well. and 2 is my least fave

1. God of War II
2. God of War (2018)
3. God of War III


elazz said:
God of War 2018
God Of War 3
God of War ghost of sparta

My initial reaction is to go with these 3, maybe not this order.


It's difficult though