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Forums - Sales Discussion - Xbox One sales figures are shockingly low

In the midst of discussing EA’s projections for its current fiscal year, Wilson offered console sales figures. “Turning to our expectations for fiscal 2019, we expect sales of current generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony to continue to be strong, with the installed base growing to 130 million consoles by the end of calendar 2018 from 103 million at the end of calendar 2017,” he said. A little math is required to figure out the breakdown, but the 103 million combined sales leads to a clear answer. Sony released sales figures at the end of 2017, revealing that the PS4 had eclipsed the 73 million mark. That leaves the Xbox One with roughly 30 million in sales to its name. Microsoft stopped releasing Xbox One sales figures about four years ago, probably because of its positioning in comparison to the PS4. This means that the Xbox One, on average, has sold less than eight million units per year since launch, while the PS4 has sold more than 18 million per year.

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They would have to be low if ms isn't disclosing it. Probably trying to preserve consumer/investor confidence in xbox.

I found this random comment in the linked article:
"EA doesn’t, or at least hasn’t in the past, count console sales in Japan. This changes the estimates from 73 and 30 to 67 and 36."

Also another leak from Microsoft France from a year ago states 36,2 million sold:

Those estimates are inaccurate and we already have a thread for this.

Since we know very well the numbers for US and Japan EA must be innacurate or else the XOne is selling close to nothing in Europe and the rest of the World, which is unfeasible given the software numbers, market trends and so.






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