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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which of these dormant modern PlayStation series would you most like to see rebooted?


Which of these dormant modern PlayStation series would you most like to see rebooted?

Everybody's Tennis 28 2.68%
ModNation Racers 36 3.44%
MotorStorm 120 11.48%
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale 158 15.12%
Resistance 218 20.86%
SOCOM 100 9.57%
Syphon Filter 189 18.09%
Time Crisis 68 6.51%
Warhawk 48 4.59%
White Knight Chronicles 80 7.66%

This week's poll of the week.

We recently did one for Microsoft, so next up it's Sony - which modern PlayStation series do you most want to see return?


P.S. Happy to take game suggestions for the Nintendo version of the poll. Criteria:
- Maximum number of options is 10, so limit the suggestions to popular/famous series please; nothing too niche.
- Series take priority over single release IPs.
- Doesn't have to be made by Nintendo, but does need to be an exclusive.
- Must not have had a new entry on NS or WiiU to qualify as 'dormant'.

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I loved the Resistance series so would love to see that come back

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I know it will never happen. BUT PLEASE, a new SOCOM or even a remastered one.

A Proper Take at PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, though I feel like the name needs some work, too. Even just removing the All-Stars from the title would make it a much more palatable title. That aside, secure 20 high profile characters commonly associated with PlayStation and change the scoring mechanic from successful Final Smash to knock-out.

Legend of Legaia, though a remake would would be fine. Just as long as it isn't as bad as Legaia 2.

Legend of Dragoon, just so BroLoad will stop posting for a while.

Resistance, because I feel like Sony is sorely lacking an exclusive shooter.

Dark Cloud, but moreso a sequel to the first one. Let's forget the second one happened.

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All-Stars Battle Royale, of course.

It'd be the epitome of greatness. Probably even better than Knack 2.

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Reading the options I remember I loved Folklore, which came out early in the ps3 era

Why is everything 1st party and then randomly Time Crisis is a choice?

Resistance had a lot of potential. Would love to see a reboot.

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My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

Without a doubt White Knight Chronicles, wasn't expecting to see it on the list, and before I came in this thread I was gonna' say Resistance or Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale... but yeah, as soon as I saw it, I had to pick it. I don't care about the review scores, unless they're part of big name franchises most JRPGs get rated "poorly" anyway, but I think the White Knight Chronicles games are criminally underrated and I'd love either a new entry, or a even a remaster!