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Forums - Sales Discussion - EA with PS4/Xbox One install base estimates

During Electronic Arts’ financial conference call for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2018 Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen talked about the company’s predictions about console sales in the current year.  The publisher expects PS4 and Xbox One to “continue to be strong,” and the combined installed base of the two consoles to grow to 130 million units by the end of the calendar year 2018. We also get an estimate of 103 million by December 31st, 2017.  This means that if EA’s estimate is correct, the Xbox One should have sold 29.4 million units by December 31st, 2017, considering that Sony itself estimates to have sold 73.6 million PS4 units by that same date.

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Seems a bit low for XBO. Didn't they estimate around 26m for at end of 2016 so that's like only 3m in a year which is probably wrong since it sold like 4.2m last year in the US according to NPD.

So, the Xbox sold ~29.4m at 31/12-2017. hmm

Well, maybe 103 sold, not shipped.
And also they must have been short, ps4 probably was under estimated.

Well, considering PS4 is going to 90 to 92 million at the end of year(considering they would ship 95 million until next's year march, according to their forecast), this would put xbox at 38 to 40 million in december.

That seems impossibly low for Xbone. Considering that we're taking an estimated number given by a third party, and subtracting someone else's estimate from that estimate, a margin of error of a few million seems reasonable. But, I don't think its enough to account for the discrepancy between these numbers and VGC's tracking.

I wish MS would tell us something.

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Wow if true, that means the absolute majority of consoles sold have all come from America. With maybe 9 Million from UK and a few smaller countries. Crazy.

Edit: Respected sales insider from gaf and now Resetera Bish, has commented saying EA’s estimate is indeed correct. So that would explain why Microsoft is sticking to its usual “engagement” talk rather than outright sales numbers. It doesn’t want to be seen in such a low sales total combined with PS4 which currently sits at 79 Million shipped worldwide as of March 31st. 

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Damn. Looks like XBO might be overtracked here by 5M-6M.

Switch should pass Xbox by November like I previously stated.

I figured XBox was too high on VGC, but this would be a lot more than I thought. Even if this comes from EA, it should still be taken seriously. I don’t know why EA would have to estimate these things anyway though, can’t they just ask Microsoft?

I think 2017 was worst year for Xbox one sales wise compared to years before it . but I think this year would be one of Xbox one better year I think because the official NPD are giving out high Xbox one sales numbers I believe Xbox one should hit 45 million by end of 2018 .BTW I'm not really good at sales 

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