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Forums - Sales Discussion - Global Hardware 28 April 2018

PlatformN. AmericaEuropeJapanGlobal
83,947 99,166 35,734 254,863
65,659 62,058 36,561 197,997
52,196 21,478 157 83,571
20,696 15,048 7,173 45,456
90 268 4,422 5,113
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I wonder if THIS is the week the PS4 got an increase, since last week (Which has two days of God of War sales, right?) was rather disappointing to say the least, was expecting a bigger boost, lol.

Ps4 hits 78.5m. Getting so close to that 80m mark.

Kerotan said:
Ps4 hits 78.5m. Getting so close to that 80m mark.

Would be nice if it huts that mark before June the 30th and God of War should hit 6 million units by that time.

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar

GOW not pushing hardware as much as we thought

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Perhaps Switch sales in the West are being maintained by Labo. We can still say that's a possibility while we don't have software numbers. Bah who am I kidding? Probably the same as it is in Japan.

PortisheadBiscuit said:
GOW not pushing hardware as much as we thought

Yeah, I'm actually very disappointed, was expecting to see at least a 300k+ week... I guess everyone that wanted God of War already had a PS4, lol. 

Which is weird did the GoW bundles exist in limited supply or did people just swap a normal sale for a bundle thus not adding really ontop of the normal weekly pace

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At 80 million sold and The hardware market not as large as it used to be with the addition of Disposable Income being less than it also used to be I'd reckon that PS4 is reaching a point where exclusives won't guarantee a massive hardware bump. For instance if a brand new 3D Zelda were to come out in 2019 it would provide a massively larger hardware boost for people looking for a new console whereas PS4 already has so many owners that it's incredibly hard to reach those kinds of numbers now.

That's just a logical guess though. I literally have no proof that is what is happening and vgchartz could be way off for all I know.

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