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Forums - Gaming Discussion - VR gamers: what is your favorite VR News channel?

I'm subscribed to several VR channels on Youtube, but my favorite is The Grid VR:

It is regulary updated every week, the guy is funny, and you get a quick overview... the single stories aren't dragged out. The news also include all VR headsets (not only PSVR or Vive or Rift or mobile VR) and are pretty unbiased. Of course in some weeks it is more Oculus-focused, in other weeks there are more interesting news about PSVR or Vive, etc.


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With the Oculus Go release (mine's coming soon), I've searched up again a bit and found a great VR channel.
Virtual Reality Oasis. Goes on about about news on software and hardware for all headsets. Make some videos about modding your display, headsets, compatible controllers, etc ... All around a pretty interesting channel.

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So far I was looking at Node on YouTube for doing a lot of VR Games.

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New episode with all E3-VR-announcements and more:

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Also 90 fps VR ... movies

I've only been watching PSVR Frank and Push Square on Youtube. Just depends on the day whether I want the Sammy or Frank take on things.

I read a lot of sites though. Road to VR, UploadVR, VRFocus, Push Square, and many more.

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