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I just saw this video. I didn't know about this group.

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They have some decent ideas, but they're mostly disenfranchised men who are going too far.

Meh, basically the flip side of 3rd wave feminism. Some legitimate complaints but much is overblown and yet another overly cynical and paranoid group crying victim (as if we need more of those). At least this is from what I've picked up about the group or "movement" which admittedly isn't much.

I try to avoid groups that take an overly cynical view of a large portion of humanity. Much like modern feminism who seems distrusting and determined to demonize men, I don't buy into this MGTOW idea that women (at least Western women) as a whole are out to screw you over and shouldn't be trusted. I like to think most people are more well meaning and decent than that. And especially if a woman loves and respects you, I see it highly unlikely that she would try to maliciously and knowingly fuck you over or rob you of your wealth, children, or livelihood. And (at least in my relatively small circle of family, friends, and acquaintances) most of the women I know seem genuinely kind and well meaning, and I just can't imagine them as the monsters these MGTOW types are portraying them.

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It’s dumb extremist crap.

Nothing to see here, move along

They have alot of valid points but they really need to get better at PR and countering hypocritical feminists that oppose them.

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In the current environment it's no surprise MGTOW have sprung up. If their existence causes anyone to sweat, great.

i agree with a lot of it, especially when it comes to marriage. i think you have to be insane to marry a woman currently, given how biased the family courts are, their infidelity rates, false accusations etc. everything set up for the woman, and funnily enough, never hear any feminists, who totally want equality btw, talk about evening things up

I don't understand it, I'd be more support if you were allowed to get laid but it's like some group of eunuchs or social outcasts trying to make themselves feel as if they have a choice by taking away their own choice. Not getting into a relationship is one thing and getting married, fuck that I can't imagine putting the government in a relationship...infact I can, I see how it ends it tears all the time these days, I can support that whole heartedly and not having kids is another, something I don't want to do even if it would supposedly be a good thing all around, the picture of a happy family and being a Grandad on the rocking chair down nearing the end is one the trumps all else by far but two things that can be taken into account that you don't need this MIgtow nonsense.
1. Just stay strong and have the will not to get in a relationship with someone who intends on marraige, make it clear and known at the early stages and if that's a problem have the balls not to cave.
2. Get clipped, If you really don't want to have kids get clipped and fuck all you want without that hanging over your head. The procedure is largely reversible now so even if you are afraid of limiting choices, which as a migtow I doubt you would be you can sprout little ones if you somehow have a drastic change of heart.
I think the whole thing is filled with men who have little choice, or perceive themselves to have little choice and the only choice they have is to take away there choice.
Ridiculous all in all, until the day sex robots are indistinguishable from a real woman and are a consumer priced product then, ya, fuck that whole thing.

It’s the Oppression Olympics and it’s embarrassing. Am I supposed to feel sorry for this man because he couldn’t maintain a relationship? And the notion that we, as white men, are oppressed in any way is laughable at best.

sounds like sexual frustration to me
i think if women found these guys more attractive then they wouldn't harbor such negativity towards them