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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Have we reached the golden age of gaming, 2015-2020 and beyond?


2014-2020 and beyond the golden age of gaming...

Yes. 9 16.67%
No. 40 74.07%
Maybe, I haven't though much about into it. 5 9.26%

Yeah I think so. I have a feeling that video game popularity will decline soon and the 2010s will be viewed as the peak.

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Naw, I feel like the golden age was during the start of the 00's, leading up to 2010.

Back then we had a plethora of good games, as well as the PS2. PC had all sorts of games going for it, as well as the RTS genre being very strong back then. Fast forward to today and we have a tiny amount from that genre, as well as numerous studios being wasted by EA that used to make good PC games.

I'd rather go back to the early 00's the the late, because back then, all the games I liked were coming out and in abundance, as well as those dead studios being alive back then, rather than being dead today with their IP's left to rot.

Also we had Crysis back then. The only thing coming from Crytek is a shoddy BR style game. We actually had a few games back then that actually pushed PC hardware.


That being said, everyone has their own view on when we've had a golden age of gaming, so it's always going to vary from person to person. 

Golden Age passed in the 90s. This is renaissance.

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HomokHarcos said:
Yeah I think so. I have a feeling that video game popularity will decline soon and the 2010s will be viewed as the peak.

Decline?  I disagree.  Interactive media is not only the most rewarding type of entertainment, it's also useful.  There are games that literally teach us - from war simulations helping to train military, to simple puzzle games that help ward off dementia in the elderly. 

I think movies and tv shows are on the way out, more likely.  They provide the least amount of entertainment - you can maybe watch the film a few times before you tire of it.  You can't alter it or mix things up like with a video game.  Not only that, movies are costing so much to make with little returns(lest it's a comic book, middle earth, space opera or Disney flick).  To top it off, hollywood is desperate and thrashing for survival, remaking the same films from 30-70 years ago in an attempt to franchise old media again.

Unless something else comes along that flat out trumps interactive media, I don't see gaming going away.  I see it as the natural evolution from film and tv.

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I think it just depends on what you like. For someone like me who has been following video games for a long time the Golden Eras look like this:

Late 70's - early 80's Golden Era of Arcades
Late 80's - Early 90's Golden Era of Consoles
Whole 90's Golden Era of PC
2000-2010ish Golden Era of Handhelds

To me Generation 8 seems like an era of decline. 3DS, XB1 and Wii U are all inferior to their generation 7 counterparts. PS4 is doing well, and is definitely selling better than PS3, but it really seems quite inferior to PS2 (at least from my perspective). Everything this generation seems inferior and sales as a whole are in decline.

However, Switch looks very promising. I am really hoping that it will bring about a new renaissance in gaming. But to me gaming is at the lowest point it's been since the console market crash.

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Yes, games these days are more ambitious than they have ever been.

Biased topics will only gets us to biased answers ...

Anywoo, I'll choose the mid 00's instead for the pletora of good games (and diversed) we could get back then.

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I'd have to argue the opposite. I think we entered a period of decline starting around the beginning of the 7th gen, which has carried throughout the 8th and will probably worsen into the 9th and beyond. "AAA" gaming is far worse, with many big-name publishers adopting predatory practices. Western "AA" gaming seems to have shrunk considerably, although successes like Hellblade demonstrate a clever studio with a modest budget can turn a profit. Sony has taken a step backward in its focus on cinematic storytelling. Microsoft has taken a bigger step backward with its focus on services over discrete, finite game experiences. In general, many of the biggest names in the business aren't trying to bring new customers into the industry; they're simply trying to get the current customers to spend more.

There are some good things. Access to game development is incredibly easy, sparking a revolution in indie titles. There's a wider range of genres than ever before. Nintendo has been remarkably consistent, although even it has dipped its toes into a la carte gaming. There's a lot of potential in VR technology.

For me, the golden age of video game artistry and design covers the 4th, 5th, and 6th gens, so approximately 1991-2005.

i'll put the last four years in 4th place.

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This is not even close to the golden age of gaming. That would be circa 1991-1998 (maybe 99) probably. Even after that I'm not sure this is even the second best time in gaming. You could make an argument for 1986-1990 and 2005-2008