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PS+ members can now download these games for free - here the full line-up in may:

Beyond: Two Souls (PS4),  Rayman Legends (PS4), King Oddball (PS Vita, Ps3, PS4) , Risen 3: Titan Lords (Ps3) ,Eat Them (PS3), Furmins (PS Vita)

the video for this month:

My question: Who's currently playing "Beyond Two Souls" here ? =)

i have the "Heavy Rain/Beyond Two Souls-Collection" on PS4 :) "Jodie" was nice - the girl from the game. For me, the game was an interesting experience in the past. And I liked the theme and worlds :)

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I downloaded Beyond Two Souls. I just finished GoW and got the platinum so it's perfect timing. I might be able to beat it and another game before june releases.

I actually purchased Beyond and Heavy Rain a while back. I enjoyed both on PS3 but something is keeping me from getting into them on PS4. Probably because I know how the stories end (or at least the events leading up to the multiple endings).

The ability to play the story in linear order is a big plus for anyone diving into Beyond for the first time this month, though. Graphics, at the time that I played it on PS3, were probably the best I'd ever seen back then.

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If you have psn+ right now too and go into the sales section you can find the first remastered version of Darksiders for just €2.50 or so, incredibly good game for that entry fee, and awesome if you got Darksiders 2 a couple of months ago from psn+ so you can play the 2 games back to back if you haven't played the second title just yet.

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