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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony have a tough decision to make

God of war 2 will be out in 2 to 3 years. Around ps5 launch or at least year 1. Do Sony make gow2 multiplatform or do they use it to showcase and push the ps5? 


If they leave ps4 out they'll likely be ignoring a user base of around 120m. That could be a lot of lost revenue. 


What should Sony do? 

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No they don't. Exclusive exclusive exclusive.

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Cross gen.

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2 to 3 years? Optimistic.

I expect 5 years and thus only PS5.

if the next gow is already for the next generation, it would be better to make the game only for ps5, because i think it's not good for the developement of a game to make it for two consoles with different powers

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Easy they will remaster it first for PS5 for some easy money so how is that a hard choice?

They had to make decision with the last of us as well which launched the same year as the ps4 I believe. Remaster it a year later for the ps5. I waited for the remaster of tlou before jumping in amd will likely do the same.

i m pretty confident that it will be forward compatible, not to mention God of war 2 did come out on PS2 after ps3 launched.

Cross launch or PS5 exclusive my estimate would be the latter since Sony cam sell a lot of PS5 consoles early with a megaton hit as God of War. A new god of war game will at least take 3 full years, this one took 5 years so my estimate would be early or late 2021. The new god of war game is going to be a PS5 exclusive, unless they can somehow easily port it to the PS4.

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I think it should be multiplatform. PC, Xbox, Switch, 3DS.

On a serious note, they should make it just for PS5. Push the sales for that console.