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Forums - Gaming Discussion - POLL: Your Favorite CONSOLE of All Time



SNES 26 20.63%
GENESIS 4 3.17%
N64 16 12.70%
PS1 10 7.94%
PS2 19 15.08%
PS3 5 3.97%
NES 8 6.35%
XBOX360 7 5.56%
PS4 14 11.11%
DS + GAMEBOY + 3DS 17 13.49%

Pick which console you were most fond of at the time that you owned it. (not which one you'd rather play today, because that would bias this to the most recent ones)

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Predicted 15+ million lifetime-sales for God of War:

PS4, but this may be because it's the first time I'm of an age where I have the money to make the most of it.

PS2 if not counting backwards compatibility, if so the OG PS3.

VGPolyglot said:
PS2 if not counting backwards compatibility, if so the OG PS3.

Have you played much/any SNES/GENESIS and N64/PS1 gen games?

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Probably the Xbox 360. My parents bought me one back on 2006 without me even asking for it (and we weren't doing too hot financially, so it was just a pleasant surprise), and I ended up loving it. Too many memories, frustration, nostalgia and fun poured into a single console, nothing can really beat it. It also brings me back to times where things where much simpler and more enjoyable altogether, at least on a personal level.

Plus, my closest friends bought a PS3, so we started doing what we called "cultural exchanges" from time to time, where we would lend each other's consoles and play through the respective console's exclusives. It spiced things up from time to time, and prevented a full "only-one" console fatigue, thus making it more especial whenever it came back home.

Fat PS3 that has PS1&PS2 Backwards compatibility. 'nuff said.

V-r0cK said:
Fat PS3 that has PS1&PS2 Backwards compatibility. 'nuff said.

We're not counting BW compatibilityty. Just based on the consoles own native library of games.

PS1 probably. A lot of that is likely due to nostalgia, but it does have quite a few of my favourite games of all time that I can still go back and play pretty much anytime, including my top 2 favourite games ever.

For me, it's a toss-up between the Mega Drive and PS3.

Love them both.