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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Most Anticipated Release of May?


Most Anticipated Release of May?

Dark Souls Remastered 150 11.01%
Detroit: Become Human 519 38.08%
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze 251 18.42%
Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire 37 2.71%
State of Decay 2 115 8.44%
Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection 55 4.04%
Tennis World Tour 28 2.05%
The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset 15 1.10%
Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia 14 1.03%
Nothing this month 179 13.13%

This week's front-page poll - Most Anticipated Release of May?


There are quite a few mid-tier releases this month, so I had to cut out some of them (like Runner3 and Harvest Moon), since our poll option limit is 10.

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I'm ready for the Kong and all of his freshness!

Where is Dragon's Crown Pro ?

My prediction in 2021.

SW: 30m

PS5 16m

XBS: 7.5m

Detroit for me but I don't know if it's worth undusting my PS4 for it. I will probably get my fill from let's plays.

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Dark Souls Remastered! I can't wait to play it on my Switch!

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Dark Souls Remastered for me, too bad that Switch version is delayed.

Detroit Become Human !! Cant wait of this masterpiece <3

I'm looking forward to the story and dialogues, emotions and twists, the gameplay features and possibilities, the psychology/philosophy, this wonderful characters, the world/details and soundtracks :)

edit: Here is the official VGChartz-thread for the game(with infos/pictures ect):

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"The Last of Us 2" is officially Game of the Year 2020, worldwide. Ghost of Tsushima-Artwork:

My most anticipated release is Detroit. I am Also buying Hyrule Warriors, Street Fighter Collection, Owlboy physical release and maybe Donkey Kong Edit: not sure abort the Mega Man Collections yet, the half physical half digital annoyed me

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Does DLC count? If so the as of yet unannounced Total War Warhammer 2 DLC that's supposed to release this month.

Otherwise it's a tough one between State of Decay 2, Total War Thrones of Britannia & Detroit. They are all games I'm sure I'd enjoy, but both games that I'm not interested enough in to get right away. I'll say Total War since I've been playing that a lot lately, and also my home town should be one of the main cities in it which is pretty cool and something that doesn't happen often.

Maybe total war but that's it.