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Forums - General Discussion - And then there were two. (A rant and a vent on eggs)

It's springtime (a least around here.) You know those outside faucet covers that help prevent your faucets from freezing in the winter?  One was stored on my utility shelf in my carport.  And as it got warmer, I noticed that a bird had made a nest in it, and eventually, the bird had laid four pink eggs in it.  From discovery of the nest until the placement of the eggs, my daughter and I have been keeping up with its progress everyday for the past week.  She's super excited to see real live bird eggs right in here back yard (carport actually) and was looking forward to their births.  That's until I got a text today from my wife that the neighbor's cat had gotten to the nest.

Caught in the act, my wife shooed the cat away.  I came home to find Tommy (the cat) in my carport and half the nest already pulled from the faucet cover.  I didn't see the eggs in the cover, but I soon found them among the debris.  Sadly, two were decimated while the remaining two were intact.  I very carefully pick up both eggs one at a time with hand shaking, fearing I was going to break them.  Thankfully, both are safely in what remained of the nest while I placed the faucet cover on the very top of the utility shelves.

Yeah, they're just birds.  And it happens all the time.  It's just I can see how this would upset my daughter since she has emotionally invested in them.  Maybe the mama bird will find her two remaining eggs. Maybe she was eaten by Tommy.  I dunno.  Ironically, I've been nice to the cat by feeding it once a day so he's been hanging out more around the house.  Sort of regret it now.  I know it would seem out of place to express this on a gaming site.  But I had to "tell someone."

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Yeah, that's the problem with cats. They're cute and all, but they're killers, every one. Did the mother bird actually return to the eggs after all that happened? I would think that it would just take the loss and move on.

That's nature for ya. What you can do is build or buy a birdhouse and set it up so next time the birds can have a safe place for its eggs, your daughter can watch the birds and you can keep feeding Tommy.

cats are a pest in my neighborhood, we used to have ducks. now its just the smell of cat piss by the car.


sorry about the bad experience OP. though its nature.


That's why my cats are strictly indoor pets.