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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The best open world game ever made



Breath of the Wild 62 53.45%
Red Dead Redemption 5 4.31%
Horizon: Zero Dawn 11 9.48%
GTA 5 11 9.48%
Assassin's Creed 2 0 0%
Witcher 3 12 10.34%
Gothic 2 3 2.59%
Batman: Arkham City 1 0.86%
Infamous 2 0 0%
Other 11 9.48%

Open world games are the leading genre in gaming. Accept it or not, they are the sales juggernaut of current gen. GTA 5 sold 75m. Horizon: Zero Dawn sold 7.6m solely on its strength as an open world game, as no linear single player new IP can sell that well. BOTW is the best selling Zelda game despite its status as a Switch launch title. That is a feat only an open world game could achieve.

As a result of this success the open world genre has become active and the vast majority of AAA single player games are open world. So in this competitive genre of games what is your favourite? Red Dead Redemption is my favourite because of the amazing open world that Rockstar crafted, which feels alive and real but is designed with gameplay in mind and is smaller than a lot of open worlds but feels bigger because of its design.

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Hard to choose between Witcher 3 and RDR, they are both damn near perfect.

Skyrim for me.

I like cold lands in gaming as I do for lands irl.

The theme of the Nords vs Imperials was something that snagged me, as well as the Dragonborn storyline.

I liked how along my travels, I would come across skeletons or bodies of fallen bandits or people in general, which in turn makes me wonder as to how they died and me then seeking out as to why they died. I also loved roaming the lands of Skyrim, in search for lore books and simply collecting as many as I could for my library, back in my player crafted home (another feature which I really loved about Skyrim).

The Witcher 3 then RDR.

I'd say Breath of the Wild, followed by Morrowind.

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world of warcraft

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It depends on what you want in an open world.

Zelda BOTW is the best for how you interact with the environment and the sheer level of freedom in terms of handling the main quest. The Witcher 3 is the best in terms of the people and creatures populating the world which you can interact with. In terms of the visual design of the world I'd say Xenoblade Chronicles X's Mira is still the best open world.

Definitely BoTW for me, Nintendo created something magical with that game. The fact that people are still coming up with unique Youtube videos of things interacting with each other are amazing. I think the most recent one I saw was the player getting a Hinox to fight with a Guardian which was pretty epic.

Horizon didn't sell "solely on its strength as an open world game". The characters, story, combat and even the robot dinosaurs all helped it sell that well! And a linear singleplayer new IP can and has sold that well before. The Last of Us for example...

BOTW being the best selling Zelda "despite its status as a Switch launch title"? It being a Switch launch title is supposed to be a bad thing? You could say that for the Wii U, but the Switch had an immensely successful launch and has just kept on doing incredibly well since then. It being a launch title for a massively popular console is in no way detrimental to its sales.

"the vast majority of AAA single player games are open world"? Are they? prove it!


Anyways, the best open world game for me would be Grand Theft Auto V. It has everything. Fun story missions and interesting characters. Huge, detailed world to explore. Lots of cars and guns and they're both really enjoyable to use. Helicopters and planes too!

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I would say Breath Of The Wild. Just the amount of stuff you can manipulate and solve in unique ways are just second to none in that game.