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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - RUMOUR: Possible Nintendo Direct on May 7th?


My only issue with this is that I'm not sure whether this stuff is only gonna be in the Direct or if that's for E3? I'd assume it's only the direct.


This is just a rumour though so I guess we'll see what happens but this person obviously feels pretty confident.

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This actually makes sense because Kimishima said Nintendo would reveal informations about Switch's online service at the beginning of May. So this might be a direct focused on the new service, not on games.

PS: The list linked on OP doesn't make sense. Nintendo said explicitly that they will be focusing on 2018 games on E3 and later will have an event especifically for 2019 or later games.

If there's a Direct this month, it will be one about the online service.

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No evidence, no credibility, no service! We shouldn't make a thread for every single wishlist we find on the internet me thinks. Sure there could be a Direct on the 7th, or the 8th, or the 9th, or the 10th, etc., but this list doesn't make it any more or less likely. My money is still on a game specific direct for Mario Tennis Aces this month. This is no baseless claim, Mario Tennis is filling that multiplayer role like Splatoon n ARMS before it which got game specific directs, and such directs usually happen about a month from release.

I don't believe this is true, but if it was I gotta say that E3 lineup would be really disappointing imo

That E3 seems somewhat muted. Some cool stuff though.
Online service will be interesting to learn more about

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I dont see point making thread based on some random rumour, saying that I could definitely see May Direct with focus on Switch online,

Here we go again!

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Yeah I'd say out of everything on the list the Direct for online information could happen on the 7th. The 7to is a Monday though and don't Directs usually happen on the Thursday?

I don't think Nintendo will bother with a full Direct so close to E3. But we could always have an Indie Showcase...

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I hope this is not true. That E3 would be somewhat disappointing.

In addition, what it says about the online service seems more an educated guess than true privileged information.

Also, any rumor that does not have Bayonetta 3 in E3 will be considered false!

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