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Forums - Website Topics - 10/10 on this new site redesign

Now get rid of these damn following pop-up ads lol


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I agree on the popup ds. But i personally don't like the new website. Was a lot morw convwnient to see atuff and accs on old site.

<a href=""><img src="" border="0"></a>

I like the new homepage design. I think it has significantly improved the mobile experience. The site was torturous to use on my phone previously. It is much better now.

With that said, the two biggest problems (on PC) remain:

1 - Terrible pop-ups. I figure there's nothing that those of you that actually run this site can do about this. I know the owner is trying to monetize.

2- The fact that VGCBuddy is cut off on every page except home. After I close out the annoying pop-up, I can see only about half of the width of the box. This issue has been present for months, and I've seen it discussed, so I know you all are aware.

It’s truly awful. R.I.P vgchartz. As if it wasn’t killing itself enough with the ridiculous lack of chart updates , it’s now killed itself by using a completely uncalled for mobile un naviagatable update. HIDEOUS!!

Been using it for a couple of months myself and it's a much needed, much overdue update (especially on mobile). Combined with my only grievance being fixed (on the desktop version atleast) and no ads due to supporter, it's been great using this site.

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Agreed. It's gorgeous!! :D

yes I very much like the new site design

roadkillers said:

Now get rid of these damn following pop-up ads lol

"10/10 on this new site redesign"

I very much like the new home page, my only wish would be that the latest chart be brought up higher,

I've seen the new forums too, it much more sleek design, great in mobile, I look forward to seeing the reactions to it.


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