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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Buying a console for one game?

Recently it was announced that H1Z1 will launch exclusively for the ps4.  Initially it was announced as such, but when Sony dropped the dev, they said this title would launch on Xbox as well.  A few months later, it was put on hiatus.  Now it’s back on the ps4 with an Xbox port on hold (or cancelled to counter PUBG potential Xbox exclusively?).  Now here’s my dilemma.  I want to play this game on a console, badly.  But if I bought a ps4, it’d be the only game I’d own, or want to.  I’m in a similar dilemma with the Switch.  I’d only own Mario Odyssey.  I can kinda live with that, but I’m torn with H1Z1.

Have you ever purchased a console for one game, or would you?


BTW, this new site layout is not IPhone friendly.  At least on the SE.

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I bought a WiiU for Mario Kart 8. It's pretty much the only game I ever played on it.

Never would buy a console for one game. I can't justify a game that would cost hundreds.

But I could be tipped over the edge by one game. For example a console having a lot of good, interesting releases over a couple of years that interest me but not enough to invest in the hardware and a crazy good GOTY contender comes out and then I'd jump in and then play all the other games that interested me as system 'justifiers' rather than system sellers.

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I have never bought a console for just one game.

i did it with the ps2, gta san andreas, played it a friends house, traded in everything i could to get a ps2 and gta san andreas. did that with Halo on the original xbox as well, a few years before san andreas.


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Once you have the console, you automagically might get interested in its other titles as well :)

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Never have and never will. The closest was probably the PS2 which I initially got mainly for Final Fantasy X, but there were still plenty of other titles I was interested in as well. I simply can't justify paying hundreds of euros for the chance to play a single game until something else turns up for the system. For example, as good as Breath of the Wild was by all accounts, I am only now starting to seriously consider getting the Switch as there are finally more than a handful of titles I'm genuinely interested in available on the system that I can't play elsewhere.

I did once, Gamecube for Zelda, didn't play another game on it. Waste on money in the end.

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I couldn't justify it, I've bought a system because of one game (Bloodborne comes to mind) but then I've bought plenty more games on that system to justify my purchase.

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For Nintendo consoles & Xbox consoles, i have never purchased them for just one game.

It was the PlayStation home consoles i ever bought them just for one game: PS1 for Crash 1, PS2 for Rock Man X7 & PS4 for Shadow of The Beast.