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What's your favourite new IP of this generation

Horizon: Zero dawn 49 35.77%
Splatoon 43 31.39%
Overwatch 7 5.11%
Destiny 2 1.46%
Sunset Overdrive 3 2.19%
Bloodborne 21 15.33%
Nioh 5 3.65%
Sea of Thieves 1 0.73%
PUBG 4 2.92%
Rocket League 2 1.46%

As the title suggests... What's your favourite new IP?

I excluded IPs that started with a cross generation release like Watch Dogs or Middle earth

Mine: Horizon: Zero dawn

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If it counts for this gen. Then Nioh for sure. In fact its in my top 20 of all time.

Bloodeborn for me. It takes a lot to convince me to plat a game like that, so if I got the plat (I did), it must be something special.

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Its between Horizon and Bloodborne for me, but i guess i will go with Horizon (even though i enjoyed Bloodborne more) simply because it feels more original (especially considering the type of games Guerrilla used to make), while BB is just taking the souls formula in a different direction.

1. Overwatch
2. Sunset Overdrive
3. Child of Light
4. Horizon: Zero Dawn
5. Watch Dogs

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This will unsurprisingly play out with regards to which of the big three (Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft) people like the most. People aren't nearly unbiased enough with their opinions to pick a rivals game, even if said game is deserving. You're asking WAY too much of the internet if you think otherwise lol.


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Nioh so far, I’m waiting for biomutant though.

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