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Forums - General Discussion - Best Budget TV?

Im thinking about picking up a PS4 for God of War. Can anyone recommend a cheap budget 4k tv? Any deals right now? I've been looking at the 55 inch tcl roku tv.. any suggestions?


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all I know is, that if you are getting a 4K tv it must have HDR at them minimum!



Dude, bro. With a 4K TV, you need a PS Quad Pro.

TCL is finally building decent to good tv's, wouldn't be the worst pick.

TCL P605 if you can find them. If you cant you want the S405. One has local dimming the latter doesn't.

You can get the latter for as little as $399. Best bang for your buck Tv on the market today.

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Go to Walmart right now, we are dumping all our current models for new tvs. Everything is clearance!

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roadkillers said:
I've been looking at the 55 inch tcl roku tv.

That's the one I've been hearing good things about in the budget sector.