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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's the last gaming purchase that you regret?

Some of you only buy five star, triple A, game of the year games and always do your research. Good for you. Me? I buy what I like, reviews be damned. Most of the time, I'm pretty happy with my purchase. Sometimes, it blows up in my face.


For example, I once paid $40 for a Switch port of a game that was already $9 on the Wii U and was released on the PS4 back in like 2016. In fact, I'm pretty sure it was a cell phone game.


That game was Aqua Moto Racing Utopia and that day was yesterday. After having such a great time with Riptide GP Renegade (loved it so much, I bought it for Switch and XBO--a steal at $5), I was thirsty for more "Wave Race goodness".


Now, I just want to cry. Ease my pain by telling me the tale of your last shitty game purchase.

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Persona 5. With how much I paid for it, I could have got Nioh and uhhh maybe FFXII instead.

Plz, I always make the right decisions when I'm purchasing games :P

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I regret nothing

Chrono Trigger on Steam.

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I kinda regret buying ZanZarah: The Hidden Portal, a 3D fantasy adventure game where you fight, catch and collect fairies, train them and have them fight for you (yes, the game pretty much ripped of Pokémon. You even use balls or "spheres" to catch the fairies when they're low on health ). I don't regret it because of the money spent (got it for like €1) but because I wasted so many precious hours on that mess (the game wasn't very good). But, on the bright side I did get a whole lot of new talking points to use next time I engage in a discussion about game design gone wrong.
Part of me actually regret that purchase because I did think the game had a lot of promise and it saddened me so much that the developers ended up messing it all up by injecting stupidity.

Always do your research!

KLAMarine said:
Always do your research!

I personally enjoy the surprise and like knowing as little as possible going in to a game.


Knack and Kirby Star Allies were both huge disappointments to me. Kirby was at least enjoyable and had some redeeming factors.

Shovel Knight.

I had just 100%ed Meatboy (a fantastic platformer) and Celeste (one of my all time favorite games now) and I was thirsty for even more platformer goodness for my Switch.

But I'm finding Shovel Knight to be thoroughly mediocre and boring. Finished the main campaign and doing the Plague of Shadows DLC.

A Switch.