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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What will be 2018's disappointing AAA games?


What game will be the most disappointing in 2018?

Shenmue III 23 27.38%
Crackdown 3 24 28.57%
Red Dead Redemption 2 1 1.19%
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 17 20.24%
Battlefield V 1 1.19%
Spider-Man 5 5.95%
Super Smash Bros. for Switch 4 4.76%
Detroit: Become Human 6 7.14%
Kingdom Hearts 3 0 0%
Other 3 3.57%

Every year there are some AAA games that disappoint most players, either because they had too much hype around them, or because they're simply bad.

- In 2017, we had Mass Effect Andromeda, Battlefront 2, and For Honor;

- In 2016, we had No Man's Sky, Quantum Break, and Star Fox Zero;

- In 2015, we had Evolve, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5, and The Order 1886;

- In 2014, we had Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed Unity, and Titanfall.

And so on.

We already had Sea of Thieves this year being disappointing for most people, but what are your predictions for the disappointing games that will still release in 2018?


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Is No Man's Sky triple A?

AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Is No Man's Sky triple A?

Not sure, but it was sold for $60, and was such a big disappointment that I thought I should include it.


I can't even really think of any games releasing in 2018 ... I know there's a lot but none of them are going to disappoint most likely.

The only one that might be a token choice is "Metal Gear Survive" but that's not disappointing, it was expected to be bad.

Sea of thieves for me that game is trash

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Not yet ... unless you wanna include Metal Gear Survive,lol.

Though from what we're initially hearing, COD BO IV might be a mess

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Probably between Shenmue III, Crackdown 3 or Black Ops 4 ...

I f'n loved Titanfall.

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Some online game

Shenmue III.