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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Switch killer app that nobody ever mentions

When talking about the future of the Switch and its sales potential, I’ve seen pretty much the same list of games being mentioned as the heavy hitters for the platform: Pokémon, Smash, Animal Crossing, Metroid, Fire Emblem, a new Zelda and 3D Mario.

What’s almost always missing from the list is 2D Mario which when you think about it is a bit astounding since the series is featured among the Top 10 titles of every console it has been released on. NSMB Wii went on to sell 30m and helped boost the Wii’s 2009 holiday season to insane heights. The only title in the “New” series to sell under 10m is NSMB U.

Which brings me to why I think this future Switch title is snubbed and not even considered. Consciously or subconsciously I think Nintendo fans, blame New Super Mario Bros. U for failing to single-handedly save the Wii U from its fate. “It’s its fault the Wii U didn’t have great momentum”, “A 2D Mario isn’t a system seller”, “The series has gotten stale”.

 Not all of these criticisms are unwarranted. For instance I do believe they need to shake up the 2D Mario platformers beyond new power ups and do something akin to how they reinvent the 3D Mario games with every console. I do think it’s unfair to write off the series completely as it has tremendous potential when it comes to selling Switch consoles and I know I would welcome a new title with open arms.

 So what do you guys think? Is 2D Mario over? Has Mario Maker suppressed the need for Nintendo designed 2D level? Is it a system seller? Will we see a 2D Mario title on the Switch?

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I think there is a 100% chance that we will see a 2D Mario title on Switch. It may be a while though. They have to keep releasing big titles , so we can't expect them to drop all of the heavy hitters within the first couple years of the Switch's life.

I always assumed that Mario maker was the new 2D mario. Given the online structure Nintendo will be pushing it could be bigger then ever on the NS.

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Good read!

I love 2D Super Mario — in fact I think New Super Mario Bros. U is a great game and a top 20 launch title — so I’ve never subscribed to the idea that the series is stale. There are some really smart, engaging gameplay mechanics and level designs in modern 2D Mario platform games, recycled assets notwithstanding.

That said, I wouldn’t turn my nose up at a new aesthetic or a new gameplay hook. I certainly don’t want the sub-series to end, as it’s produced some amazing games over the last 30+ years.

I really would like to see a shake up in the world themes. for now any new mario title got exactly the same themes, mario and luigi games are able to change the themes from each game why not a main mario game. and a new art direction would be great something along rayman legends or wario land shake it.

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I am firmly in the camp that wants to see the whole "NEW" Mario Games dead and gone...which they appear to be.

You are probably right that 2D Mario can be a definite system seller, but I would much rather see Nintendo give us a new 2D platforming character and game. Starfy was the last original feeling 2D IP I can recollect and that was just one DS game.

I would however die of joy if Nintendo comes out and says they are Re-making Super Mario World with hand drawn animation. 


Stefan.De.Machtige said:
I always assumed that Mario maker was the new 2D mario. Given the online structure Nintendo will be pushing it could be bigger then ever on the NS.

Mario Maker has its place but it can't substitute for the carefully crafted level design of Nintendo's team. I had lots of fun with Mario Maker but it never beat the experience of regular titles.

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People think 2D Mario is a fad again. The same thing happened back when the NSMBW was announced. I think some people here weren't into sales at the time. So they don't really understand just how big the Wii and DS 2D Mario games were.

They look at the 3DS and Wii U entries and think that the games are a fad. However, they went down because of the downturn of quality not from the lack of demand.

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I whole heartedly believe that 2D Mario will continue to exist. I just have no idea if proper Nintendo built 2D Marios will continue to exist alongside Mario Maker. I believe they can and should coexist, as I think both will sell well, but it'll be interesting to see if Nintendo sees the need for proper 2D Marios when they can just rerelease Mario Maker, add slopes and some new level themes and call it a sequel, then watch as everyone throws money at it.

What I think would be a pretty amazing, albeit extremely unlikely compromise, would be doing both at once in one game. Release the next 2D Mario with both a proper campaign and the extensive level creating suite from Maker. Nobody would lose out of that. Nintendo wins because it'd probably quite easily be the most acclaimed 2D Mario since World with the sheer amount of content and would likely sell accordingly. Fans win because they get the best of both worlds. Then again if they did that, they lose the opportunity to make significantly more money by releasing them separately...

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Mario Maker absolutely isn't a replacement for 2D Mario.

Not to any serious Mario fan.

That said, Nintendo might wait a while with bringing out a new 2D entry, after running the "new" brand into the ground. They might also want to milk Odyssey for all it's worth.