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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Kimishima: Nintendo will continue to make 3DS software in 2019 and beyond!

The Nintendo 3DS family of systems has reached a global cumulative series sell-in of 72 million units to a broad array of consumers.

Nintendo 3DS boasts a rich lineup of game software, with more than 1,000 titles across a wide variety of genres.


We will continue the Nintendo 3DS business by leveraging its installed base and rich software library. We believe it is important to leverage the rich library of Nintendo 3DS series titles to drive sales with existing Nintendo 3DS owners as well as with consumers who recently purchased the Nintendo 3DS hardware, and are investigating strategies for doing so.

In addition to the titles currently on sale, we have announced the coming release of the titles shown here. We are even preparing new software for release in 2019 and beyond. Our plan is to continue maintaining this business by taking advantage of new titles like these.

probably mostly made up of more remakes, with a new game thrown in every once and a while. But this does surprise me to be honest, they saw quite a sharp drop off last year in 3DS individual game sales. They are cheap to make, but sales seem to be falling.

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I hope it's just ports or remakes and that any new games also will be made for the Switch. I'm still playing my 3DS but I'm well past the point where I want more games to be made specifically for it.

Well it's normal for them to support it, until every one jump to Switch. Like how SONY commit to support PS3 product.

Switch will have a small version like 3DS in near future that will replace 3DS. Many Japanese third party developer already lean towards Switch rather then 3DS, this just shows they are committed to Switch by quietly and silently switching to Switch

but... WHY?

the 3DS is now 7 years old. and while it is a great handheld, it has run its course and simply isnt needed anymore. im excited to see Bowser's Inside story getting remade but I would be even more excited if it was on the Switch so i could play it on the go or on the big screen. toting a 3DS around at this point just feels like a chore, and its no secret that they can get pretty banged up after a few years of use. im at the point where i feel like i should be buying a new model but i just dont want to feel like i have to

bullshit. they ain't making nintendo games in 2020. fuck no they ain't. how else can i justify my 300$ purchase of a new console. if they make new games for an old console ... then my new console is invalid.

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At this point I don't really care about the 3DS anymore, but I suppose I commend them for continuing to show love to the old lil system.



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God Nintendo, just let the system die already.

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Kids keep being born. 2DS is great for 4 yr old and up.

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Honestly, until they announce some successor (perhaps a Switch Mini one day), there's no reason not to keep suppporting a device that so many own with occasional software.

3DS hardware is still selling fairly well, and $300 is just too expensive for a lot of people who are looking for a handheld. They can keep making some easy money on the 3DS if they keep supporting it, and eventually try to get these people to transition to Switch once the price drops.