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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Kimishima retires as President of Nintendo

To be replaced by Shuntaro Furukawa, a board member of both Nintendo and the Pokemon Company, with a marketing background.

The age of ass is over folks.


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Well, it was a temporary position, so not much of a surprise anyway. I'll miss the age of ass, though. XD

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Not only him but a lot of changes in the management overall.

Also as reason it is stated that they are switching to a new management structure.

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Kimishima has done a great job leading Nintendo in the last few years, so this was kinda a surprising announcement.

Nothing to see here, move along

Wow, he wasn't in that position for long. He still was a great president behind the scenes!

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damn now that makes me worry for Nintendo tbh. He was great and moved the company in a positive direction very quickly

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Kimishima did a very servicable job I’d say, hopefully Furukawa maintains good direction and momentum for the company.

I'm looking forward to the videos/articles that get into a deep analysis about Furukawa's business philosophy and speculation on how he'll run Nintendo.

He has done a great job in a time where Nintendo was counted out. Cheers Kimishima. Hope his successor keeps the business on track.


Aw man, that's a shame. He did a really great job for the time he was there.

Hopefully the new president can keep up the momentum and build on their newfound success.

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