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Forums - Sony Discussion - The "BIG SONY GAME" on E3 Building 2018?

the last two years sony put a big wallpaper at e3 on a building to promote the biggest ip for the moment...e3 2016 it was the big time for horizon, last year god of war, and this year...what do think? spiderman?


E3 2016

E3 2017

E3 2018


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Must be Spider-Man

Spiderman or Days Gone which should release within the same time frame as Horizon and God of War did

melbye said:
Must be Spider-Man


Spiderman makes the most sense, but you never know they could choose days gone or maybe even TLOU 2

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Either Spider Man or TLoU 2.

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It'd really surprise me if Sony *did not* have something new and big to announce. 2-3-4 years ago the tank was full of gas (GoW, TLG, FFXV, UC4) - now nearly all the big PS4 titles have almost all released.

Stuck thinking on what exactly that might be. My best guess might be a new DMC or some exclusive Star Wars game.

I would think re-upping PSVR support is in the cards too

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Well Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War came out 3/4ths of a year (7-9 months) after those posters. That would make Spiderman a bit early (only a few months after E3 2018). In fact, it's only coming out about 3 months after E3 I believe.

The thing is, they really haven't shown that much of Spiderman ... especially considering how close it is to release ...

But still, I wouldn't be surprised if Days Gone, which will probably be March or April 2019, was the game. I wouldn't be surprised if it was Spider Man either.

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Spiderman for sure, I think TLoU2 will be a PS5 launch title.

I could actually see them doing Days Gone cause it needs more promotion than Spider-Man will. As for TLOU2 that's probably for 2019